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Thursday, 18 July 2013

"Another Life Ruined By Jersey's Scum - Fair Play To The Lady With A Heart - Andrea Earl"

Alphonse Le Gastelois's life to feature

on stage

This complete twat of an excuse for a news reporter (brian constantine) states that "Alphonse Le Gastelois wanted a quiet life, but it was his reclusive behaviour that led to anything but...." NO, YOU WANKER, it was the tossers in the Jersey police force and the government of Jersey that trashed his life, and led to anything but a quiet life. It is evidenced you fuckwit. Do the research before spouting off your government sponsored shyte!!!

In the 1960s Jersey was plagued by a serial sex attacker known as the "Beast of Jersey”.

Hounded, tormented and hurt by accusations of terrible crimes he didn't commit - Alphonse was forced to leave Jersey.

For 15 years he lived alone on the Ecrehous Reef, eating shellfish and relying on hand-outs from visiting boats.

He died last year.

It was a place of solitude away from the Islanders who branded him a beast. 

Playwright Andrea Earl who is producing the play said: “There's not many times in a playwright's life that you come across a story that you feel absolutely and utterly compelled to tell and this is one of those for me.It's touched me. 

"The fact that he was completely unbowed by the adversity of his life he survived it you know and he remained strong and true to himself until the end which I think is very inspirational it's the centenary of Alphonse’s birth next year when we are going to be staging this play and what better time to make a dramatic document than now in the centenary of his birth informed and inspired by the people that knew him”.

It's hoped the play will not only be performed in Jersey but also tour the UK and feature at the Edinburgh Festival. 

More on this story at the link below

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  1. ian
    i had the great honour to meet alphonse he was such a lovely was such a shame what the government and police did to alphonse.and up to the day he died he still never got so much as an apology of any real meaning. .RIP Alphonse