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Friday, 19 July 2013

"110 Years On And The Cancer Scam Is Still Going Strong!"

Team embark on 5000km cycle for

cancer charity

A team of three cyclists will embark on a 5000km cycle from the Arctic Circle to Gibraltar in aid of local cancer charities.

The challenge is know as Operation Daffodil which will raise funds for Jersey hospice.

Wayne Meenagh felt motivated to raise awareness and funds when his Jersey mother in law, Marilyn Brown succumbed to cancer in 2012.

The three-man team consisting of Wayne, his fifteen year old son Harry, and brother in law Lee Vivian will commence their journey on August 1st in Norway and travel through Denmark, Germany, Holland and France before arriving in Jersey where they will spend the only scheduled rest day of the trip.

On Sunday 25th August a gala concert will take place at Jersey Opera House, where acclaimed British jazz singer Clare Teal will act as compere as well as performing with the ‘Operation Daffodil All Star Big Band.’ 

The concert will feature some of the UK and Jersey’s finest musical talents in a range of musical genres from classical to Big Band.

On Monday the 26 August the team will depart Jersey to continue the rest of their journey to Gibraltar arriving on the 15 September. 

The bike tour will face its fair share of challenges including the infamous artic weather condition, dangerous roads and twelve separate ferry crossings. 

Wayne strongly believes that due to the funds the team hope to raise it will be well worth the effort.

He said: “Naturally this cause is very close to my heart and I hope that by undertaking this cycle challenge, that as well as raising money, we will also raise awareness about all the amazing work cancer charities do in supporting those who are suffering from this disease along with friends and families who are also affected”.

Operation Daffodil team have raised almost £4,000 to date from a range of fundraising initiatives such as ‘Charity Mingle’ in Jersey and a music and dance extravaganza in Camberley. 

However with a target of £20,000 there is still a long way to go. Anyone wishing to donate can do so through the Operation Daffodil Just Giving page below.


  1. Your ignorance and belittlement of others peoples efforts to do good is offensive.

  2. Your ignorance and stupidity and willingness to believe that after 110 years that there is no cure for cancer is total mind fuck!!! Are you really that dim and gullible?

    1. A couple of comments from my FartBook account today. This is to do with the very same cycle effort from the good-hearted mugs of Jersey!!!

      Steven Nicolas likes this.

      Steven Nicolas Fair play to them for doing it, but whenever I see a story like this I just want to shout at people that cancer has been cured for decades, don't support cancer research, support proper education on all the cures available and force the medical professionals to use them.
      Friday at 20:26 via mobile · Unlike · 1

      Ian Evans Fair play to them indeed Steve, it is heartbreaking to see them sweat and suffer so some shit head can have yet another office makeover. Perhaps even pay for his annual holiday to Barbados! whilst the poor unknowing mugs raising and giving the money, sit there contented with their contribution whilst being none the wiser to how they have just been butt-fucked!!!
      Friday at 20:43 · Like · 1

    2. Have you any idea what a positive incurable remission is?

      Have you any idea what interleukin and interferon do?

      Have you any idea what blood electrification does?

      Have you any idea what electroporation is?

      Don't you fucking dare tell me about curing cancer you fucking halfwit, I have spent months studying this and have the equipment here on this island to get rid of Cancer, AIDS, HIV, Lupus, Epstein Barr, Herpes, Gout, Hepatitis, MRSA, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, STD's, Diabetes, and a whole host of other so called, incurable diseases. Every fucker that has been using my equipment (free of charge) over the last 5 weeks has been totally cured after just two days, and the timeline is five days for cure.

      Now fuck off and go and spin your worthless shit elsewhere!! CUNT!!!

  3. Ian, i have to agree with your post. Unfortunately Joe public is usually too misinformed to know day from night.

    My own opinion about these charity type events is that they are misguided and usually full of 'goody two shoe' type people more interested in being seen my colleagues than anything else. Cringeworthy is an understatement.

  4. All cancer is totally curable today.