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Thursday, 6 June 2013

"Why Are Taxpayers Paying For Boilers In Private Houses?"

"Who Are The People Getting The Freebie?"


  1. The homes were all owned by rich jersey families, just because they might not , on the books, show an income, it doesn't justify it.

    I know one household , who had a new boiler paid completely free of charge, who have tennis courts in their back yard!!! does that make sense?

    Duhamel is being lied to by his directors, when they set up the scheme in 2009 they seriously messed it up, the department have wasted up to 1 million pounds, NOT JUST ON THE BOILERS, they had 2 managers in charge which they sacked because of the monster of all fuck-ups!

    oh and btw, £ 4,715 Per boiler sounds wrong, especially when i know 1 approved contractor charged 9k for work that should have only cost 4 k.

    They didn't have qualified staff in charge and have cost the tax payer 1 million at least, probably 2 million

  2. Who's fitting these boilers?

    Is it Jersey Gas? Is the subsidy available to ndependent firms?

  3. Just fitted a replacement combi boiler by Bosch from the Greenstar range. It is the latest efficient gas combie boiler but tin the in the UK which charges 20% on work and products like the boiler the bill came to £2,300.

    I accept that it must have a extra drain pipe running into an exit drain or pipe going to a drain like a sink waste but still twice the price with GST at 5% ?

    The new lady Comptroller and Auditor General who's job it is to make sure the publics money gets spent efficiently needs to do a report on this because something is badly wrong.

  4. you aint heard the best bits, wait until all the facts come out, then you will see "seriously wrong".