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Friday, 7 June 2013

"When Good Intentions Turn To Oppressive Tyranny"

"Pondering The Imponderable"


So Dr Andrew Mitchell's dream of a healthy people in Jersey might become a reality by banning smoking from the island?

As I said in an earlier posting on cancer today, most illness is caused by the people being deliberately poisoned by government with all the crap they lace our food, water, and air with. Are we really to believe that Dr Andrew Mitchell is that naive he isn't aware of any of this?

Do we believe that he has no idea that there are perfectly workable and cheap alternative treatments that do work, and do not promote harmful side effects?

Are we to believe that he has no idea of the toxicity that vaccines, fluoride, aspartame or GMO food stuffs have on our bodies?

Does he truly believe that there is no cure for cancer, AIDS, diabetes, MRSA, Ebola, lupus, herpes, hepatitis, M.E, depression, Epstein Barr, gout, heart disease, and a whole host of other illnesses that plague the human species?

If Dr Mitchell is not aware of the above, I challenge him to meet with me and I shall explain it all to him, and prove it, if he wishes!

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