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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

"Top Jersey Government Crook & Patsy - Ian Le Marquand - Protecting Bent Cops Barry Taylor And Mike Bowron"

"The Fruitcake Strikes Again"

"Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city,
it might be better to change the locks."
Doug Larson


  1. Higgins as an ex civil servant just keeps going up in value. What a bloody surprise, intelligent, has a conscience, well researched and the attitude of a Jack Russell.

    Nice one Higgins, what a player.

  2. The JEP gave the wrong story yet again.

    What the deputy asked for was an investigation by an outside force or body into Jersey officers of the Jersey police force, as he held proof of corruption which the Minister did not question.

    The deputy is correct to ask the Minister for action, but Le Marquand spat his dummy out. If he new there was evidence, which he does, then why not come clean.

    Deputy Higgins is correct Le Marquand is hiding something or protecting the officers, next step a vote of no confidence.

    A bad smell of corruption just got a lot worse. It will stink to Australia if the states do not agree, and leave the Minister in place if the proposition is brought.

    It will also taint them big time.

    1. "The JEP gave the wrong story yet again"

      Wait until you see what the state media said about the curtis warren case today, what was it that advocate steven baker said today about jersey corruption worldwide.

  3. There was no problem with discussion of Graham Powers suspension following allegations that he failed to properly control the historic child abuse inquiry in the States assembly.

    Complaint came from someone in relation to the initial allegation, surely.

  4. Ian.

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