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Saturday, 22 June 2013

"Sour Grapes Brigade - Get Over It"

One final bid to stop Plémont development

CAMPAIGNERS have called for one final show of community strength to support their last-ditch bid to save Plémont from development.
The Council for the Protection of Jersey’s Heritage wants Islanders to write to the Jersey Evening Post and attend a hearing which they hope will be permitted to challenge what they call ‘a bad planning decision’.

The group, whose ranks include senior members of bodies including the National Trust for Jersey, Jersey Heritage and the Société Jersiaise, has asked an independent panel set up by the States to review the basis on which the Environment Minister reached his decision to allow the development.
This panel – the States Complaints Board – is responsible for hearing objections about the way in which States decisions are made.


  1. an independent panel set up by the States

    Not another bloody sham electoral commission copy panel,set up by States members containing states muppets on the panel. As important who set this up in the States, who is on the panel ???

    This alone will tell us mere mortals a lot.

  2. Plemont was lost for one single reason, it was sold to a developer and there is no going back now, the Establishment can kick and scream all it likes, but the facts are there. Don't waste your time dear Establishment fighting a case that should never have been allowed to happen in the first place.

  3. Their greed will finish them, they burn a picture to obtain the ashes!