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Thursday, 13 June 2013

"Phones That Cook Our Brains With (EMR electromagnetic radiation) Will Save Our Hearts! REALLY?"

"It may not be long before an iPhone
saves your life"

What a crock of shit, and who believes this garbage? Why the unsuspecting, all trusting, all believing sheeple of course, they believe any crap the government puts out to them. Do it via a doctor and it becomes gospel, doesn't it? Well actually, NO!!!

Some of us are still capable of critical thinking, and also, that other thing most of us have long forgotten, RESEARCH!!!

Except for reading the title of this posting, I'll bet hardly any of you even knew what EMR is.

"Smart phones are now being billed as one of the most important innovations in the history of healthcare"

Just analyse that last statement for a second...."are now being billed as"....Why doesn't it simple say "are now"? Because the statement is deceptive, it just reads like it's true.
That is critical thinking.

The New World Order is of course behind this nonsense, they having already taken away the sophisticated choices we need to make in order to maintain our health. You know, those sophisticated choices like not wanting deadly fluoride and chlorine in our drinking water, not wanting Monsanto's 'roundup' plastered all over our fresh fruits and vegetables. They are even poisoning the very air we breath with such delicacies as arsenic, cadmium, aluminium and beryllium, via chem-trails. Do we really need sodium fluoride in our toothpaste, or mercury in our teeth? Do we need sub-clinical antibiotics and exogenous growth hormones injected into our meat?

Then there is the 'real issue' of this alleged "healthcare technology" and I quote....

"Doctors will be able to monitor people's health while they go about their daily lives".

Ever wonder who else will have access to this information? Work it out with critical thinking.

"Tiny devices are attached to the skin using patches, or even IMPLANTED under it or in the bloodstream".

Aaah! Now we're getting to the crux of the matter,
the good old R.F.I.D chip.

What's that? you may ask.


Enjoy deconstructing the utter garbage in the article below, when you learn how to do it well it becomes fun reading government propaganda fairy stories :)

Very shortly, I shall be doing an in depth posting on the only real piece of electronic health technology worth bothering about, then you won't need monitoring because you will be healthy.

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