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Monday, 3 June 2013

"New World Order Behind Universal Poor Health"

Heart attack threat to the young

Consultant cardiologist Dr Andrew Mitchell
YOUNG people in Jersey are dying or having heart attacks every week as a consequence of their unhealthy lifestyles, the Island’s consultant cardiologist has warned.
Dr Andrew Mitchell said that 90 per cent of premature heart disease in people in their 30s and 40s was caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and, most significantly, smoking.
Dr Mitchell made the comments at the launch of Heart Rhythm Week, a national initiative created to highlight the importance of healthy lifestyles and the dangers of heart disease.
As part of the campaign in the Island, free heart checks will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Tomorrow’s clinic is between midday and 6 pm, Thursday’s is between 10 am and 3 pm and Friday’s between 10 am and 2 pm. The clinics will be run in the Parade entrance area of the Hospital.

"What About The Other Stuff?"

"Dr Andrew Mitchell said that 90 per cent of premature heart disease in people in their 30s and 40s was caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and, most significantly, smoking."


What about stress? A massive contributory factor of most illnesses.

Or perhaps Fluoride, what about the effects of decades of fluoride poisoning by our wonderful governments, toothpaste manufacturers, and dentists? Did you know that Sodium Fluoride in toothpaste is the main ingredient in rat poison? In America they actually have a warning on the side of their boxes (if swallowed by infants immediately seek medical help) ever wonder why?

Even our dentists are in on the game! Do you think for a second that they don't know, when they fill our teeth with mercury, that mercury is the second most deadly toxin known to man?

And then we have Aspartame....causes everything from headaches to blindness to death.

M.S.G is little better, causing a myriad of health problems.

Then there's the good old vaccines, just chocka full of neurotoxins and other assorted goodies designed to keep us ill for a lifetime, and dependent on Big Pharma.

Would you have ever guessed that "table salt" was a demon, scratching the inside of your arteries, making them bleed whilst cholesterol goes there to stop the bleeding. Table salt is a third salt, a third sand, and a third glass!!! Get into the habit of using only Sea Salt. I took some shit tonight on FaceBook over writing this about table salt, so this is what I posted in response (As for table salt, it is mined and therefore has many bits of rock in it, commonly known as sand. The main component of sand is quartz which the main component of is silica....Silica is essentially GLASS!!!)

G.M. Food is another of these deadly little gems they are restructuring our genome with. Just start with cancer and then work your way down the list.

And to "Round-Up" excuse the pun, we have those pretty fluffy white (and sometimes black) chemtrail clouds, drifting over our lives and into our bodies. Want to hazard a guess what's in them? Among other things are Arsenic, Cadmium, Aluminum, and Beryllium....Have a google around and see what that shit does to your body, let alone how it decimates the water and soil!!!

So....the next time you read that chocolate, crisps, cigarettes and alcohol are bad for you, come back to this posting and remind yourself exactly what is being done to you by the very people that warn against the dangers of cigs and booze and the odd chocolate treat!!!


  1. Well done Ian, for trying to get this message across.Are folk really that blind or do they just choose not to see what is happening under their noses? I totally agree with you about the salt, I do like the taste of salt on my food but I use Himalayan rose chrystal natural salt instead. Okay it's a bit pricey but use it sparingly as intended.I have been trying to get the flouride message out for a long time but it is such a struggle to wake people up. If the states were so concerned about health in the island, they would get rid of bloody mcdonalds and kfc. I remember years ago being told by a rep from a cat food manufacturer how they had refused a shipment of chicken as it was not up to their standard, it was later bought by kfc.I'm fed up with hearing scare stories from the health department, especially as they constantly amend them and change their views on what we should be doing.They don't know their asses from their elbows and advise in favour of corpoations and large companies profits including vaccine manufacturers.I understand that the anti-smoking queen, Pryke, is still wanting to ban smoking in open spaces (pmsl at that)cars and private homes. It appears that this may be the agenda behind the "snooping charter" being discussed tonight at the town hall.Well I shall carry on as I want to, it's my body, my health and I shall treat it as I see fit. If I want to smoke or drink, I shall, but I eat healthy organic food and walk everywhere as I know I feel better for it.These doctors can p**s off with their concerns and instead start worrying about their errors which DO kill people!

  2. about time someone exposed these bullshitters for what they are!
    If anyone believes the rubbish that is published nowadays,they must be all gullible .
    smoking and drinking are to blame for every illness going.
    how come they never mention big pharma that wants to swell their coffers supplying patches and gum!
    If you listen to the health freaks you are doomed.
    too many are making our lives a misery every single day with their doom and gloom

  3. I'm not convinced about chemtrails either way, but you are on the right track with GM food, and mercury. (, and the evidence against table salt seems to be increasing.

    1. Anon, whatever you do, don't believe a God damned word the United Nations tells you, they are the organisation behind everything.