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Friday, 7 June 2013

"More Bullshit On The Cancer Myth"

"The Cancer Scam"

World governments are poisoning their citizens like never before, our food, our air, our water, our medicines, then they tell us cancer rates are going to rise? NO SHIT!!!

The last paragraph in this article sums the whole thing up as matters are designed to get everyone hooked on big pharma products in the aftercare market. 

Funny enough, the only thing they don't seem too want to divulge is the array of effective cancer treatments that are available to people that don't cause cancer in their own right.

A 100 years ago the stats were 0ne in a Hundred would get cancer.


  1. Ian, i gotta agree with what you're saying. Too much pollution, and not enough nutrients is what's letting Cancer get it's way. They have already removed us from the nature and into a concrete society, where retail therapy is at play, to self medicate from lack of essential nature.

    Trouble is this retail therapy type obsessive lifestyle of 'perfection' is making populations stressed and ill. Without any nature to calm us down, we have no other option than their Big Pharma Treatment nonsense.

  2. wat about 1 in 2 wont get cancer