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Saturday, 29 June 2013

"Max Igan Explains The Edward Snowdon Saga And The Opportunity Presented To Humanity"

"Peacefully Fighting Back With
Non Compliance"

Non-compliance means not paying tax, not paying social security (as we never get any anyways) not doing what government tells us, ignoring the commands and demands of the police, refusing to pay parking tickets for parking on the roads we already own! Go to jail if you have to, but tell them....

"NO MORE!!!"


  1. I admire your courage Ian but some of us can not afford to go to prison for a parking ticket.

    1. You can afford to keep paying them?

      Look anon, here's how it works. The government are greedy pigs that are interested in two things only, the first is control, the second is money. It would normally be the other way around, but unfortunately for them, without the control there is no money.

      If every time you didn't pay a ticket, or refused to pay their taxes, and they had to throw you in jail which costs them time and money, do you think for the slightest moment they are going to carry on with it?

      They dish out thousands of tickets a week, if no one paid, where are they going to lock everyone up? The more you push back, the farther they will step back.

      The one thing they are petrified of is the people turning against them completely, they know it's over when that happens....Let's make it happen, and to hell with the consequences :)

    2. The Artist Taxi Driver, Chunkymark, came out with a great rant today, and one very poignant point. Have a listen RIGHT HERE and see if you can spot it? I will give you a clue, it appears at 9 minutes and 3 seconds.

  2. On institutionalised corruption; can someone do a 'link' for this please :

    "AS another storm swirled around Scotland Yard last week, sucking in officers over alleged secret smear operations against Stephen Lawrence’s family, three MPs boarded a plane for the Channel Island haven of Jersey."

    Continues into a good article but is quite short and limited and does not even mention the constructive dismissal of the corruption and child abuse fighting Police Chief Graham Power and his replacement with another plastic pet-copper on a leash.
    "Sniff here, No- don't dig there, Wee here, GOOD BOY! have a biscuit."

    There is a comments section for the Sunday Express story if people wish to register on the site. It might be worth submitting links to some of the good blog postings from the past that will fill in some of the blanks that the article did not have time for.

    1. Bow-Wow Bowron has been such a good boy, surely he deserves more than a biscuit.

      Perhaps he should be allowed to mount the Eyelash Mannequin as an extra special reward ....... oh sorry ...... that's old news isn't it? .....

      Plastic meets elastic; was it fantastic! ?
      That would explain Bow-Wow's permanent smirk :-)

  3. Ian.

    More of what you won't be learning about from the local State Media and why Bloggers remain the number 1 trusted news source on the island. HERE