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Monday, 24 June 2013

"Jersey Police Finally Given Enough Rope!"

Jersey Police begins trial of police body cameras

Insp Sarah Henderson said the cameras would only
record when officers were dealing with an incident.

But will any parts of the recordings suddenly fail to
work at a later date as in the Nathanial Le Corre case?

The States of Jersey Police is to begin a trial which will see officers wearing mini video cameras when on duty.
Police officers are being trained in the next few days and the trial will begin on 1 July.
Jersey's Police Chief Mike Bowron announced the plans earlier this year as part of a review of the technology the force uses.
The £400 cameras are fixed to officer's uniforms but only record when dealing with an incident.
The police say suspects tend to admit guilt earlier when confronted with video evidence, saving police and court time and that "ultimately results in less of a cost to the taxpayer".

Insp Sarah Henderson, who is leading the project, said they had been used in the UK for a number of years.
She said using recordings can increase police professionalism and be used to review and improve the way officers deal with incidents.
"The use of body worn cameras has been commonplace in the UK for many years and it is something we think we can benefit from here," she said.
"It will provide independent evidence to support the prosecution of offenders, deter anti-social behaviour and ultimately improve community safety."


  1. Only the good cops are gonna survive this one :)

  2. easy just to turn the cameras off when there kicking the shite out of someone then turn them back on when there arresting some for "acting in a manner likley to cause a breach of the peace" enough said


  4. As I have told you before Haworth, I am not entertaining anymore of your deluded shit, so kindly piss off before I have had enough and make you go away. Heed the warning numb nuts!

  5. All the more important then to know the correct procedure when confronted by a police officer...

    If he asks your name or address then simply state 'I am not interested in contracting with the States of Jersey at this time, nor will I be until I specifically state otherwise'. Then just simply ask, 'Do you have a common law claim against me?'.

    Make sure that they get that on their camera. Also try and record the incident yourself, mobile phones are particularly handy for this.

  6. Thanks Darius.

    Or even more simple....

    "Have you witnessed me breech the peace officer? Am I free to go officer?"

    And just keep repeating it, say nothing else whatsoever. Remember, you are not obliged to even talk to them, let alone contract with them :)