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Sunday, 9 June 2013

"Jersey Courts & The Debt Collection Racket"

"Exposing The Fraudsters"

On the 13th May 2013 I received from CASHBACK LIMITED, a letter addressed to the legal fiction Mr. Ian Evans, setting out a demand for money from a Mr Phil Boots of the above company. Please see letter below.

I duly returned Mr Boots letter to the company known as CASHBACK LIMITED as I did not have any contract with this company, and neither did I wish to have any contract with them. No one is obliged to contract, and indeed, no one can be forced to contract, a fact I made clear in big red letters on the envelope.

Mr Boots then sent a court summons addressed to the legal fiction Mr. Ian Evans, it also appears that this summons was addressed to an entity called the "DEFENDANT" and another called "YOU". This document is below.

After reading this offer to a business meeting at the Magistrates Court, and remembering that there was no contract with Mr Boots or his company, I compiled a letter asking for some clarification of this alleged debt. In short, I asked for a number of questions to be clarified and for five documents that I wished to see. This letter is below.



Notice To Agent Is Notice To Principal And Vice Versa

Mr P. Boots
Cashback Limited
P.O. Box 1021
St Helier, Jersey

Dear Mr Boots

Thanks for the summons (invitation to a business meeting) dated 23/05/2013 addressed to the legal fiction MR. IAN EVANS (Capitis Diminutio Maxima). This summons also appears to be addressed to a certain entity named the “DEFENDANT” and in addition, someone called “YOU”. I would be grateful to CASHBACK LIMITED if they could clarify just what, or who, the “DEFENDANT” and “YOU” is/are.

Moving on, it appears that this summons relates to some type of securities instrument of which I am not lawfully obliged to contract. This invitation also makes mention of a “Deed of Assignment” which I found quite interesting as I have never seen any such Deed of Assignment.

In light of the above, I am going to need some information from your company, after all, you wouldn’t want me paying a bill I do not owe, would you. So, please send me a copy of the following documents so I can clarify this alleged debt and review your proof of claim which I assume you must have, or this process would indeed be fraud….

1.       A copy of the original contract, the lawful two party signed contract between the Plaintiff and MR. IAN EVANS that this claim rests upon.
2.       A copy of the accounts related to this alleged debt.
3.       A copy of the wet signed bill that is purported to be outstanding.
4.       A copy of the signed Deed of Assignment that CASHBACK LIMITED makes mention of in the summons.
5.       A copy of the signed Delegation Novation Agreement.

I also claim the right to set a fee schedule in this matter which will be £5,000 (FIVE THOUSAND BRITISH POUNDS STERLING) per hour, or part thereof, for any time taken in addressing this matter or dealing with any paperwork, telephone exchanges, or court appearances that may result from the actions of CASHBACK LIMITED.

I look forward to hearing from CASHBACK LIMITED with all of the aforementioned documents that I require no later than on Tuesday the 4th of June 2012. Failure to comply with this notice by not sending the documents asked for, and by not clarifying the points raised herein, will be deemed by all parties that you have abandoned all claims against me.

Yours sincerely

All Inherent Inalienable Rights Reserved

As you have now seen, I asked for a copy of the "Deed of Assignment" that Mr Boots made mention of in a previous letter. In response to my request, Mr Boots sent me a copy of the "Instrument of Assignment" which is not the "Deed of Assignment".

I also asked for a copy of the "Delegation Novation Agreement" which is required by law for the recovery of any alleged debt. To this request, Mr Boots responded with the phrase "I am not prepared to spend time on the organised pseudo-legal commercial argument advanced in your letter". Why ever not I wonder? If Mr boots did, in fact, have a signed "Delegation Novation Agreement" why would he not send me a copy? The letter is below.

So....why didn't Mr Boots send me a copy of the signed "Delegation Novation Agreement"?
The answer is simple, he couldn't!!!

So what exactly is a "Deed of Assignment" and a "Delegation Novation Agreement"?

Ceylon explains these two phenomenon beautifully in the video clip below.

I would advise those readers who are interested in this topic, to watch the whole of Ceylon's video that the above clip is taken from. This can be viewed below.

See Ceylon's website at the link below.

I eventually decided to go to court last Wednesday as I just couldn't resist watching the fraud to be perpetrated against me, Would it be Capt'n Bridget Shaw again?

Myself and Cyril turned up to the business meeting on time, yet we were made to wait to the end as per usual. The head of the meeting was magistrate Peter Harris. They called Mr Ian Evans three times, of course I ignored this as I am not Mr Ian Evans. Eventually I made that point to Peter Harris and I explained that I was just there as an observer.

It wasn't long before judge Harris was trying to draw me into participating in the shenanigans by asking me if I owed the debt? I replied that I did not. He then said words along the lines of, "do you admit that the doctors bill was owed by you?" I said that that had nothing to do with the proceedings to hand, the issue was strictly between CASHBACK LIMITED and Mr Ian Evans as Mr Boots had claimed he had a "Deed of Assignment".

When judge Harris knew he couldn't get me to stand as surety for the legal fiction, he started to stray into other matters which prompted Mr Phil Boots to come out with the most remarkable statement, whereby he actually committed perjury!!!

Because I would not consent to the fact that I owed CASHBACK LIMITED any money, or had any contract with them, Mr Boots suddenly stood up and declared that he had sent me an Email.

He then proceeded to inform the court that I had sent an Email to him in response whereby I had accepted liability for the debt!

On hearing this, I said to the magistrate that I had never ever received any such Email from Mr Boots, or his company, and neither had I ever sent Mr Boots, or his company, an Email in this regard!

Mr Boots is quite obviously a liar, and I am more than happy for the police to forensically examine my computer to prove this, as long as they return it immediately, unlike last time when they ransacked my home and gave me a heart attack! See link below.

My truthful denial of Mr Boots allegations now had our judge, Mr Harris, looking rather ashen faced. Thinking on his backside, judge Harris, having realised that Mr Boots had committed perjury, quickly moved to defuse the issue of Emails by stating that "I am not really interested in any Emails".

It was at this point that I knew it was time for me to exit the pantomime. As Cyril and I left the meeting, Harris quickly blurted out that he found for the plaintiff in the matter, I carried on walking stating that I declined his judgement.

On Friday, I wrote to the Duty Inspector of the States of Jersey Police with complaints against Mr Phil Boots of CASHBACK LIMITED, and against the judge, Peter Harris. The letter of complaint is below.


Duty Inspector Le Hegerat
Police Headquarters
Rouge Bouillon, St Helier

Dear Madam

I write to notify you that I wish to make criminal complaints against magistrate Peter Harris and CASHBACK LIMITED owner, Phil Boots, for crimes perpetrated against myself in the magistrate’s court on 5th June 2013.

Peter Harris for perverting the course of justice, and fraud, and Phil Boots for perverting the course of justice, fraud, and perjury.

I would also ask that you make arrangements for the audio recording of these proceedings to be seized before they are doctored, which activity is par for the course in Jersey courts.

I am prepared to make a sworn statement against those I accuse, should this be required. I look forward to hearing from you in due course Madam.

Yours sincerely


All Inherent Inalienable Rights Reserved

Mr Boots has a very cozy relationship with the courts due to the fact that he used to work for them! It's maybe not surprising then that he doesn't appear to have to present any evidence to the court to win his claims....Below is an excerpt from the CASHBACK LIMITED website.


Cashback Limited was established in September 1992 by Philip Boots and Margaret Vining and is the longest running debt collection agency in Jersey under the same management.   We perceived the need to provide a reasonably priced alternative to the existing legal process then used for debt recovery which generally involved unpredictable time charged costs.  
Our system does not require the services of lawyers to pursue actions in the Courts of the Island of Jersey.   We are able to represent clients on a “personal application” basis at a fixed cost to our clients which allows the client to budget costs against risk.
We are a small team offering a personal, dedicated and cost-effective debt collection and credit management service. 
Our Managing Director, Philip Boots, is not a lawyer however he is an experienced legal executive, having spent fourteen years working within the Jersey Court system as a Clerk of the Court and subsequently for seven years as Litigation Manager of the largest legal practice in Jersey. 
His fellow directors are Margaret Vining who co-ordinates and oversees the office management and Mrs. Joey Giles who manages accounts and oversees office I.T. development.

It must be a relief for the magistrates to deal with somebody who they know will do their thinking for them!

"The Jersey Way"


  1. Did you ask in the meeting to see the deed of assignment, "Delegation Novation Agreement" between Cashback Limited and Mr Ian Evans?

    "I am not prepared to spend time on the organised pseudo-legal commercial argument advanced in your letter".

    Our Managing Director, Philip Boots, is not a lawyer however he is an experienced legal executive, having spent fourteen years working within the Jersey Court system as a Clerk of the Court and subsequently for seven years as Litigation Manager of the largest legal practice in Jersey.

    Appear to be your answer. Evidence not needed only experience in the Jersey Court system.

  2. I made mention of the aforementioned, and also the fact that they were not forthcoming, cannot remember the exact words I used. I also made mention of the fact that I was "sick to the back teeth of the corruption in Jersey courts and I was not putting up with it any longer".

    We shall have to see what the recordings say, that's if they haven't been doctored already!!!

  3. Taken from Cashback’s web page (services).

    "Mandate to Appear as Credit Control Manager

    Our Managing Director is able to represent limited liability companies in either Court of Jersey once he is appointed as “Credit Control Manager” of the company, which must be set out in writing in accordance with the sample letter detailed below. This letter must be approved by a majority of the Directors and should be duly noted in the company’s minute book.

    The letter should be on the company’s headed paper and signed by a duly authorised director of the company.


    I am pleased to confirm the appointment of Mr. Philip J.S. Boots as Credit Control Manager of this Company.

    The appointment is to remain in force until cancelled by ourselves in writing.


    Right of Appearance

    We are able to represent clients in Court in what is known as a “personal capacity”.

    In the case of corporate clients, this will be either by appointing our Managing Director as “Credit Control Manager” of the client company in question.

    In the case of professional practices and partnerships or individual claimants, Cashback Limited will be able to represent clients by means of deeds of assignment."

    Obviously this would be a sham appointment and could be construed as fraud in any decent jurisdiction. It does however open up interesting lines of questioning for whenever Mr. Boots is appearing in such a ‘capacity’, questions that would go straight to Mr. Boots’s competence and credibility as the “Credit Control Manager” of the Company he is “representing”.
    For example;
    How much debt does your Company have on the books?
    How much debt was written off by your Company last year?
    What is your Company’s policy on debts originating from genuine hardship?

    I’m sure I could come up with plenty more if I put my mind to it.

  4. So what are you saying Cyril, you do someone's plumbing, they refuse to pay you, so you walk away?

    1. Anon, I would speak to them to find out why they are not paying, maybe negotiate an installment plan, if all that failed then I would sue them myself or place a commercial lien against them.

      But tell me Anon what do you think of a sham appointment of a credit control manager?


  5. Popped into town today to buy my old man a fathers day card. Whilst travelling through town in a friends automobile, I went past two different policemen who, as soon as they saw me, got straight on their radios!

    Are they tracking all my movements now?

  6. It'll be a matter of time before you're prosecuted for contempt of court, unless you pay the debt, after wasting plenty of time and money. That's money that the States would be better off spending on a million other things.

    Great going Ian.


      "That's money that the States would be better off spending on a million other things."

      Like what? Golden handshakes for paedophile protectors such as Bill Ogley, or States employed child abusers like Mario Lundy and Danny Wherry? GREAT GOING MEZEC!!!

      A judge and a fraudster connive to commit perjury and fraud against me and I am the baddy? You Statist backward halfwit Mezec, won't be long before proper justice catches up with you the way your talking. In case you hadn't noticed, the people are sick of the corruption and oppression in Jersey, and you think you have any sort of career in Jersey politics talking like that?

    2. Or maybe to help fund a decent pay rise for nurses? To stop old folk from potentially having to pay prescription charges? Or maybe investing in tidal power so we don't keep destroying this planet?

      Any of these sound like good ideas?

      Instead, you waste money by taking up court time when you should have just paid the money you owe. If you don't pay money you owe, then yes, you are the baddy. Anything that the judge and Boots did, came after you didn't do what you were meant to do.

      I am standing up for ordinary people who will not have an ounce of sympathy for you because not one of them will believe that somehow you are a special case and above the rules.

    3. Pay rise for nurses sounds very good, but it is your statist government who are preventing that....Not my seven minutes in court!

      As for prescription charges, what prescription charges? We are not currently charged prescription charges! Furthermore, if people bought the Bob Beck Protocol equipment, most of them would never be ill and have to even entertain the idea of going to the doctors in the first place!

      Your presumption on tidal power is as ludicrous as your understanding of law. Free energy has been available to us for over a 100 years, yet has been surpressed by government to keep us dependent on oil from their corporations. Just Google NICOLA TESLA, John Hutchinson, or the two Australian guys who invented a Tesla free energy machine and have now not been heard of for a few years!!!

    4. James H. MetaphorJune 11, 2013 9:45 pm

      Sam Mezac, the more I read of what you have to say the lower my opinion of you gets.
      Yes there are better things that the states could be spending money on, but by that token they should stop paying for vaccines, cancer therapies, and the states' wages. As for the courts, from what I read Ian didn't take them to court, they took him, despite the fact that he had no contract with them and he didn't owe them anything. That's like me taking you to court for money you don't owe me, and then people blaming you for wasting the court's time. The whole point of the courts is to give people a chance to defend themselves against accusations.
      If he owed the doctors money they should have dealt with him appropriately, rather then selling his debt to a third party.
      If he didn't owe them anything, why should he pay them? Under contract law, if they paid off his debt without forming a contract with him to do so, then his debt is paid off (so he owes the original party nothing) and he has no contract so he owes them nothing, too.

      You say "If you don't pay money you owe, then yes, you are the baddy. Anything that the judge and Boots did, came after you didn't do what you were meant to do", which is ridiculous, cus by that logic if you punch me, I have your permission to do anything (assault, rape, torture, murder, theft, etc) to you, because you started it. The law is the law, just because someone else breaks it doesn't give you the right to break it too. And Ian didn't even break the law, anyway.
      As for the argument about whether Ian is the legal fiction Mr Ian Evans, surely Mr Boots has to prove that in court if he wants to sue Mr Ian Evans, otherwise I can sue anyone and pretend they are another person who does owe me money.
      I agree with Ian on the issue of free energy too. Tesla was a great man, and his inventions were revolutionary. The government hid many of them for years, but now we have access to them and we should use that info. Just look at his wireless electricity generators, used to power an entire fair wirelessly. Why is that not freely used, powered by free energy inventions?

  7. Mezecs another ballhache in nappys

    1. Yup, that's me. A spy for the Establishment. Caught me red handed.


  8. Ian.

    Previously banned US journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman, returns to Jersey EXCLUSIVE.

  9. I think Sam Mezec knows a little bit more about the Law than you Ian and he is right, all you are doing is making it more expensive for yourself in the long run. Next they will be coming around with permission to sell, seen it happen before.

    1. Well actually anony-MOUSE, Phil Boots backed off and I have never heard a peep from the fat disgusting corrupt bastard since, so your adoration for Mezec and his babbling horseshit appears top be right out the window don't it!!!

      It's a year on, and not a dickie from any of the aforementioned fraudsters....Do you think I won numb nuts?

  10. Sam, has anyone been done for contempt of court for not paying a debt judgement, are there any case authorities regarding this?

  11. Anon @ 9.53am

    If Mezec believes that a man can be prosecuted for contempt of court for none payment of an alleged debt in a petty debts court....This conclusively proves that he knows Sweet Fcuk All about law or it's operations.

    1. As an aside....

      For someone who is supposedly for the people and stands up for justice and equality Mr Mezec, did you take any tips on ethics and integrity from Advocate Steven Baker when you worked for him whilst he was on the Curtis Warren case?


      Sam Yves Mézec
      I should declare an interest here and say that I used to work at the law firm that defended Warren, so I think I should withdraw from the conversation!
      Sunday at 11:15 · 1

    3. The contempt of court would be for refusing to obey a court order. Aggravating factors would be your refusing to cooperate with the court from the start by refusing to acknowledge that you are Mr Ian Evans.

      Mr Boots told you to have a read of Meads v Meads -

      There it is. Enjoy.

      Though as I've said before, you suffer (and suffer is the word) from "confirmation bias" so you won't accept a word of it, despite it being dynamite.

      This UK blog sums it all up quite nicely -

    4. Firstly, there was no "lawful order" given in court, as that would have made the person issuing the order liable for a bill.

      Secondly, a court, the Queen, or even God himself, cannot lawfully make me admit to being something I am not, that which is the legal fiction.
      Mr Ian Evans
      Evans Ian Mr
      I am simply a man, nothing more, nothing less.

      Thirdly, I have read Meads V's Meads in it's entirety last year. It is nothing but legal mumbo jumbo contrived by an oppressive system to further try and dupe the people into believing it has any kind of authority over men and women.

      Fourthly, the judge in the case of Meads V's Meads has been exposed by Arthur-Robert:Menard as an internet troll on the RANDI forums. Great choice of authority to attempt to hoodwink my readers with your guff Mr Mezec!

      Finally, you try to refer my readers to a government sponsored website run by the very deceivers that you hope to emulate in the future. Just brilliant!!!

      I would invite people to do some research into the Cestui Que Vie "ACT" of 1666 to see just how you have all been tricked. An act rushed through in the middle of the Great Fire of London with no opposition. An act that gave us all only seven years to prove that we were not, in fact, dead things lost at sea! Only trouble is, they neglected to tell us any of this....

    5. Apologies if you are reading this Rob, that should be Robert-Arthur:Menard!!!

  12. why is not mezec out on the town with the other girls instead of trying to lay down the law for jarsey

  13. Meads Vs Meads hahahaha, you mean that internet troll 'judge' Rooke's polemic.
    It's the law society that puts out pseudo lawful crap and useful idiots like Sam lap it up.

  14. Fcuk me sideways Mezec doesn't even know the difference between a judgment and a court order,
    he should fit in well with the rest of the bent lawyers over here.

  15. "Researching law by reading what the Law Society puts out, is like trying to fix a leaky bucket, with water."

  16. Have you had a response to your complaint with the Police yet?

    1. I admire your optimism anon, but alas, no.

      Judging by recent police response times in my cases, I should get one within the next 8 months to 2 years!

  17. Replies
    1. Thanks for the excellent link anon :)

  18. Sam MézecJune 10, 2013 10:21 PM

    "It'll be a matter of time before you're prosecuted for contempt of court, unless you pay the debt, after wasting plenty of time and money. That's money that the States would be better off spending on a million other things.

    Great going Ian."

    Well now, MR SAM MEZEC, it's been nearly seven months since your above comment and I haven't heard a single peep from that fat disgusting shit, Phil Boots of CASHBACK LTD. To boot, excuse the pun, I haven't heard a single word either from that fucking corrupt cunt, Magistrate Peter Harris....Wonder why that is Mr MEZEC???

    Could you enlighten us please?

    Of course you can't, your just another cowardly government sponsoring statist Stalinist shit head commy bastard who would just love to enslave the people of Jersey for your own wealth, gain, and prosperity....Well fuck you MEZEC, by the time I have finished with you boy, you will be lucky to hold a job in the tourism industry as a fucking porter :)

    So long dipshit xxx

    1. Of course, in fairness to all the degenerates waging war against me, I grant you the unequivocal Right Of Reply, so I await, with bated breath, you nonsensical drivel should it ever arrive :)

  19. Well now, today is the fifth day of March 2014 and I still haven't heard a peep from Mr Boots or his fraudulent company known as CASHBACK LTD. Furthermore, I still haven't heard a single word in response to the above letter to Inspector Le Hegerat wherein I complained of serious crimes committed by the judge, Peter Harris, and the crimes of Phil Boots as stated above.

    The only conclusions we can draw from these facts is that the magistrates court, Jersey debt collection agencies, and the police service are a bunch of stinking corrupt conniving liars thieves and cheats who are operating a criminal racket using their alleged "LAW" to defraud the people via coercion.

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    1. Go fuck yourself you parasitic prick, I let your lame arsed "Vegetarian Lasagne" advert through simply to show the whole world what an utter complete cunt you are, now go die peacefully and quietly....Many thanks for your valuable lesson on what not to write on somebody else's blog!!!

  21. So, today marks the first anniversary of how to get out of debt free in stinking corrupt lying cheating Jersey!

    Not a peep from the asshole judge, Peter Harris, who's judgement he never ever had the balls to follow through with, and not a peep from the fat piece of puke Phil Boots and his stinking corrupt little racket know as CASHBACK LTD....

    Today I have proved that it's all a huge fraud!!!

    1. Courtesy and respect to Mark Ceylon of you are a superstar mate ;)