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Thursday, 27 June 2013

"How The States of Jersey Police Cover Up Machine Really Works" PART 5

"Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor
Still Suppressing Report Into
Jersey Police Corruption"

D.C.O Barry Taylor refusing to hand over independent report
into police corruption compiled by outside investigators!



So....another off island investigation report being suppressed, isn't it about time the people of Jersey started asking why it is always the independent reports that never see the light of day?

Just as that crook, Sir Michael Birt did with the Avon & Somerset Police Report back in the late nineties, yet another report is being kept from me. This report concerns the beating I received from four officers on the 21st June 2006, all of whom denied any wrongdoing, lied in their witness statements, then all four went on to commit perjury at my trial.

I had tried to record the beating on my mobile phone, yet could not locate the short cut to the recording device as I had only just bought the phone. Accidentally, and without my knowledge, I had inadvertently somehow rang an acquaintances home phone number stored in the phones memory bank. The phone rang at his home but he never answered, thus the whole incident was recorded on his answerphone :)

It was only a week before my trial that I actually found out about the recording, when confronted in the street as to whether I had been beaten by the police some months earlier, was I informed of the existence of the recording. The trial judge, Ian Le Marquand, heard this recording through at trial, yet astonishingly dismissed this damning evidence because he said he could not hear the recording. From the long faces in the courtroom, it was abundantly clear that everyone else in the courtroom heard it.

Crook and Fruitcake, Ian Le Marquand

I was fined £500 by the Fruitcake Le Marquand and I appealed immediately, this did not go down well with the Establishment but because I had been fined £500 I was not entitled to legal aid, the threshold to qualify for legal aid for an appeal was any fine "EXCEEDING" £500. Can anyone guess why the Fruitcake Le Marquand fined me exactly £500?

This case went to appeal (conducted by myself) where the Commissioner and the two Ju-Rats all agreed that I had been badly treated, and on two occasions in their judgement, had agreed that the police had lied about the events that night. After retiring for two hours to consider their judgement, they came back and declared that despite the police lies and the ill treatment meted out to me, I was still guilty!!!

Of course, they had absolutely no evidence whatsoever that I had done anything wrong, but that little inconvenience was not going to stop them from protecting four of Jersey's finest! The only bonus, if one can call it that, was they never awarded costs against me, how kind of them....

Barry Taylor has, on a number of occasions, refused me a copy of the independent report that was commissioned into this State sponsored criminality, he has also denied my ex lawyer a copy of this report. Three months ago, I wrote to D.C.O Barry Taylor, yet again requesting a copy of the report as I wished to compile a civil case against the officers, Mr Taylor has completely ignored this letter which was hand delivered to the police station, and which a receipt was issued for it's delivery.

Yesterday, I yet again wrote to Barry Taylor inviting him to do his job properly and issue me with a copy of the report, both letters requesting this report are below.


D.C.O Barry Taylor
Police Headquarters
Rouge Bouillon, St Helier

Dear Sir

I find myself, yet again, writing to request a copy of the report compiled by Mr William Little and his colleague into the case of 21/06/2006 where I was grave and criminally assaulted by four of your officers, and which officers then went on to commit perjury at my subsequent trial. I have no legal representation now as my Advocate has all but abandoned my cases, so again I am requesting a copy of this report.

If you believe that there is any lawful justification why I cannot be given a copy of this report, could you please state that reason for the record. I find it utterly incomprehensible that I cannot have access to material related to my own complaint, and which lack of disclosure of such material is preventing me from progressing in a civil case against these officers.

I look forward to a positive response from yourself at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely

All Inherent Inalienable Rights Reserved.

"Latest Letter Below and 3 Months Later"


DCO Barry Taylor
Police Headquarters
Rouge Bouillon, St Helier

Dear Sir

Further to my letter of the 18th March 2013 addressed to yourself, a copy of which is enclosed, and which has to date gone completely ignored, I write to ask why you are ignoring my request therein?

I wrote to you to request a copy of the report compiled by Mr William Little and his colleague into the case of 21/06/2006 as I wish to pursue a civil claim in this matter. If there is any lawful reason why I cannot have a copy of that report into my own case, could you please state that reason for and on the public record?

I hereby notify you that if you have no lawful excuse for withholding this document which is vital to my civil claim, then I will commence proceedings against you in your capacity as a police officer, and against you personally. You have until Friday the 5th of July 2012 to respond to this letter and to produce the document that I ask for.

Sincerely and without ill will, vexation or frivolity


All Inherent Inalienable Rights Reserved

Is it not utterly ridiculous that I have to threaten a Deputy Chief Officer with a civil case and a commercial lien just to get hold of a genuine investigation report into one of my own cases?

People must sit back and ask themselves, why would Taylor still not produce the report?

The answers are really very simple.

1. It shows all four police officers to be utter lying bullying perjuring criminals.
2. It shows the judge, Ian Le Marquand up for the corrupt cheating bigot that he is.
3. It shows the Royal Court up for the disgustingly corrupt entity it is.
4. It shows all the cover up that went on after the appeal during the complaints process.

Tomorrow we will delve into the other criminal entities in this case, some of which are regarded as our highest dignitaries sitting on the throne of Jersey.


  1. Ian, your latest letter to Barry Taylor wrongly says 5th of July 2012. Should be 2013. Correction required? No need to publish this. Would prefer it if you didn't in fact. Don't want you to publish anything that detracts from what you have to say. Your case is very worrying. Keep at 'em!

    1. It matters not anon, legally and lawfully, Typo's are allowed as we all make them :)

  2. See the "Terry Grange" report Dyfed Powys Police re the death of Robert Powell.