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Thursday, 6 June 2013

"Horror Hospital Patients Failed Again"

"Lessons Have Been Learned -
Time To Move On"


  1. time to move on and get rid of ann prick she is useless and she wont help the very people that pay her wages the jersey tax payer

  2. Jesus how many more times, this is another disaster for The Minister and lets not forget her management team.

    The problem in a nutshell for those reading this, is that an old lady ( not actually that old at 73 ) was not investigated properly, doctors and consultants assumed, and then got it badly wrong again.

    Now had she been paying from her own purse £350 per hour for private treatment then she would have been investigated properly because they are making serious money paying little tax.

    Same old story in a corrupt greedy hospital just look at the evidence and deaths over the last five years non of them private patients.

    Jersey a rich international finance centre where if you are on BUPA or rich,you get excellent treatment. If you are old or poor, Fuck off and die we cannot be bothered.