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Monday, 17 June 2013

"Dean Of Jersey Catches 'Pryke's Disease' Lessons Have Been Learned"

Bishop investigates this week

The former Bishop of Chelmsford John Gladwin will be in Jersey this week to lead an inquiry, after the island's Dean was suspended.

Back in March, The Very Reverend Bob Key was stripped of his duties over the way he dealt with a claim of abuse involving a vulnerable parishioner and a church warden in 2008. 

The Bishop and his panel will be Jersey this week.

The Dean says he has learnt lessons after being suspended from his post and the Church will now be a safer place.

Islanders with an opinion on the tension between the Diocese of Winchester and Jersey are being asked to give their views.

1 comment:

  1. So the Bishop of chelmsford is here to investigate Mr Key on his actions in handling an abuse claim, what a crock of s**t as he will only ask him to accept his guilt then they will pray together and that will be that.
    I wonder if Mr Key has covered up anything else whilst he has been Dean or should we ask Mrs Dean (alais the Rottweiler)as she is the power behind the throne??