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Thursday, 6 June 2013

"Curtis Warren & Jersey Corruption Back On The Menu"

"J.E.P Refuse To Report What
Adv Baker Really Said"


  1. By the time this is over, everyone else will have committed more crimes than the accused!!!

  2. I am in the Uk, two stories in the media ( check it out yourselves ) about criminals were video conferenced to the court where they were on trial. This means to most people that thy were able to answer any question and take part completely in the proceedings, by video link as do business people across the world on a daily basis.

    Senator Ozouf, with lax money controls pays a lorry load of over paid coppers, hires a sodden bloody Jet complete with over time for everyone not doing the normal day job so a criminal can have a chat in court about this scumbags assets and can we have some says the Judge. Yes he says Jokingly, pleased of the awfully nice few days from the box he is locked up in, and a flight in an aeroplane to sunny Jersey.

    These dickheads especially Ozouf, have not a bloody clue on efficient use of the hardworking taxpayers pound.

    Just get rid of him as soon as possible.