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Friday, 28 June 2013

"Another Freebie For The Freak Brothers"

Gorst goes to China

& so does the Whiner!!!

Dumb and Dumber
but not as dumb
as the tax paying Yummer!
Jersey's Chief Minister and his deputy are off to China next week.

Amongst the stops on Senators Ian Gorst and Sir Philip Bailhache tour will be Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

In Beijing, the Chief Minister will attend meetings at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture and the People’s Bank of China.

The idea is to promote the island's finance industry in one of the world's fastest growing markets.

Senator Gorst said: "It is important that Jersey is properly represented in fast-growing markets such as China. 

"This will be a busy visit and I am confident that strengthening 27 June 2013 business and diplomatic relations with the world’s second largest economy will deliver long term benefits for the Island."

When are the mugs going to learn?

Keep paying Sheeple :)


  1. Sorry Mezec, not posting your Statist propaganda, you are little more than a slightly smarter version of Haworth....Go troll your crap somewhere else.

  2. And what does Mezec do? Tries to respond immediately. You really are a stupid little boy. And if you think that posting your garbage anonymously would have ensured it's publication, you are even thicker than I imagined. One more time, for and on the public record "go away halfwit"....

  3. Dear God!!! one more time Mezec, and in plain English that even a halfwit like you can understand...."FUCK OFF!!!"

  4. Sir Bailihickup, because of too much fine wine in China will not be available after he took steps to increase the publics trust in him by promising to give a personal statement on the 2nd July next Tuesday, regarding the lies, he told regarding the two honest businessmen in the States.

    Due to another five star jolly with other experience trough feeders, he will not be attending the States ( so lied yet again ) to make a personal statement to members of the States and obviously the wider public of Jersey.

    As the tax payer is funding a wonderful trip to many parts of China with his servant Mr Gorst and a handful of disciples for a week, it will be impossible for him to answer stupid questions put by equally stupid elected morons in the States who just want some honesty.

    After all said and done he was elected to have fun, and that is what he and his friends are doing with your money.

    Get lost little people, and leave Senator Bailhache alone, he is far to busy and important to answer to you, get back to work and earn some more taxable income.

    Ex States worker.