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Saturday, 22 June 2013

"A Flock Of Sheeple"

Churchgoers’ relationship with diocese ‘irreparable’

THE relationship between Jersey and Winchester may be damaged beyond repair for some Islanders, the Chief Minister has said.
Senator Ian Gorst said the way in which issues between the Jersey deanery and diocese of Winchester had been handled had caused great distress to church members and some of those may not be able to put that behind them.
Some may support a change in diocese, he said.

Speaking during States question time on Tuesday, Senator Gorst also said that proper safeguarding processes must now be put in place to deal with vulnerable people and those with very complex needs.
The Chief Minister’s comments came after a visitation panel arrived in the Island on Monday to investigate the situation which led to the Bishop of Winchester suspending the Island’s Dean in March over his handling of a complaint of misconduct by a vulnerable woman against a church warden. The Dean, the Very Rev Bob Key, has since been reinstated.


  1. If you are religious do not click on link ,just stay in your ideal dream world.
    If you are intelligent you will enjoy it.

  2. A most excellent speech anon, many thanks for the link.