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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

"Yet Another Sad Suicide In Jersey"

"R.I.P David Watson"

A community psychiatric nurse, David Watson, was found dead at the weekend.

We cannot tell you any more as the Jersey authorities prefer to keep this kind of news hidden from the public.

A neighbour said that David was a lovely man who cared passionately about his job, and those under his care, and that he would be sadly missed.


  1. You're a great friend Dave who will be both deeply and sadly missed.
    You're friendship shall live on forever though in our hearts.

    Andy & Jack Kendrick

  2. Dave was an intelligent decent kind hearted fun loving man who gave a lot of time and respect to many people.
    I was very saddened and shocked to hear of his passing away.
    He had more to live for than many.
    I for one shall miss him.


  3. Memories a plenty of times spent over in JE with Dave.
    He put himself out for me, and I'll never forget him - top bloke.

  4. It was an honor to know David, a generous and kind hearted man, we grew up in similar friend circles. I will miss him, I will return to Jersey one day and honor his memory with a pint in the local