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Friday, 24 May 2013

"Worlds Most Potent Healing Herb Stolen In Unlawful Police Raid"

Three arrested in Islandwide dawn raids

This deadly killer just sat there and witnessed the whole incident!

Three men have been arrested as part of a series of dawn raids across Jersey.

Homes in the Grand Vaux and Five Oaks areas were raided by officers just after 6.30am.

Cannabis plants and commercial scale drug growing equipment, including specialist lights and tents, were discovered at one of the properties. 

Sativa, and his cousin Indica are pleading Not Guilty!

It comes on the day Jersey Police stage their annual Impact Day, where the force shows its visibility.

Speaking at the Grand Vaux raids, Acting Detective Inspector Craig Jackson said: "The occupants have been complying with the officers, opened up and allowed the officers entry. They've been explaining they've got a warrant to search the premises for cannabis, and to all intents and purposes the officers have gone in to secure the occupants and are now commencing a search within the premises for evidence."

Maxicrop is looking at 10 to 15 behind bars,
and Miracle Grow could get life without parole!

At the Five Oaks raid, officers were supported by the Honorary Police.

Centenier Louise Noel of Saviour Honorary Police said: "This is the first time that we've actually done this. And it's been very interesting because as a Centenier I see the end result when we have people in court, so it's very interesting to see it from the start."

The three men arrested have since been released pending further enquiries.

One shopper told us: "There's a lot more increased sort of violence on the streets of town these days, and with a young child, it's really helpful to have police around. It's a nice presence in the community, I think."

Acting Det Insp Craig Jackson explained today's raids are rare: "We're not doing them on a daily basis, we're doing them when the intelligence is received and more importantly to the public it's not on a daily basis. Here today we've got three examples, one of a commercial venture, so cannabis plants and another form of cannabis called Thai stick."

Thai Sticks are suing for wrongful arrest and unlawful imprisonment
as they were simply guests that were invited for dinner the previous evening! 


  1. How do you take yours Ian?

  2. injects it in his ears! you what!!!!!!!

  3. Would this Operation be to send a message that evil Cannabis will not be tolerated following Evelyn Volante's bravery in challenging the ridiculous law?

  4. This Island is fucked just like everywhere else. It's palpable, you can taste it in the ransid air. The main problem is and has always been the simple fact that those who benefit from the state because of the possition they hold think they are different to those who who benefit from the state because of the possition they don't hold.

    We are all in some way are the beneficiaries of the produce and resources of our world. Equality is the only answer, across the board and as far as cannibis is concerned I feel what we as singularities with complex systems who have brain receptors for cannabinoids built into our dna and thats enough evidence for me to say we are meant to use it.

    1. Cannabis has been the food of the Gods for at least 7,000 documented years, in the last 110 years government and Big pharma have tried to erase that truth from our minds and our history. We know better :)


  6. As long as I can smoke fifty Bennie Hedgehogs a day and drink 10 pints of wife beater of an evening I'm a happy man. I don't need no illegal drugs the legal ones are killing me nicely thank you very much!