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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

"The Antoine Trust - Therese McGrath - Cancer In Jersey"

New nurse to help children with cancer

"Deja Vu Again"

Every time I put up a posting about cancer or vaccines, Cover-up TV & The Filthy Rag always seem to follow my postings with postings of their own, and on the very same topic! Coincidence? Over the last two weeks this strange phenomenon has been happening again, and today is no exception....

The trauma children face when undergoing cancer treatment should be that little bit easier now thanks to the fundraising efforts of a local charity.

The Antoine Trust was set up by a couple from Jersey in memory of their son who fought a long battle against a brain tumour. Antoine, fought cancer for two years after being diagnosed with a brain tumor just one week after his fifth birthday. 

He died in April last year, aged seven.

The Trust will fund a specialist paediatric cancer nurse. 

Therese McGrath will provide support for children, young people and their families throughout their treatment. She's based on Robin Ward at the General Hospital.

Therese said: "It is a traumatic time for families to firstly receive a diagnosis of cancer and then also to have to be parted from their family and friends in order to travel to the UK for long periods of time. This is a very frightening and uncertain time for everyone."

"As the Paediatric Oncology Nurse, I can now offer these families the continuous and consistent ongoing support, guidance and information that they need to help them through this more easily."

There are around 12 or 13 children and young people, at any one time, undergoing treatment for cancer in the UK from Jersey.

The Antoine Trust are funding Therese's post for three years. 

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