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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"Sad Suicide Of A Sixteen Year Old Boy In Jersey"

"When Will Suicide Be Tackled?"


  1. Poor lad, poor family and friends, WTF is going down in Jersey?

    So sad....R.I.P young man :(

  2. fkn amazing a 2nd Suicide within a month !are the states so thick that they cant work out that this is happening because of the lack of support for these people,due to the savage cutbacks in the health services and the mental health services!!! they don't give a shit cause its not one of there family.all they give a shit about is how much they get paid and don't a flying fuck about people who need serious help.ANNE PRICK WAKE UP WOMAN AND DO SOMETHING
    R.I.P young fella

  3. Anne Pryke will not do a thing unfortunately. I have had severe depression problems since childhood and have been unable to get the treatment i desperately need from The States (i cannot afford to go private).

    I have contacted Anne Pryke and she has refused to assist me at all even though she is both my Parish Deputy and Health Minister.

    I do however have a very good relationship with my Parish Constable and Parish Secretary, so i am approaching them and will ask them to have a little word with Anne, fingers crossed.

    If it wasn't for having to help a family member with similar problems to mine, i would probably be another statistic as after 30 years of problems i'm finding life very hard to deal with and have little optimism (the last time was optimistic about the future was leading up to an appointment with the Psychological Services, before they treated me like shit and denied me treatment, a huge kick in the teeth).

    My condolences to this lad's family and friends, he seemed a hugely popular lad going by what i've read on Facebook!

  4. Our hospital is a mess, last October I went to my Doctor as both my family and I were concerned about an area of skin on my leg, my Doctor said it might be cancer but not to worry as he would make an appointment for me to see the Dermatologist at the Hospital, and he felt sure he could sort things out, in January this year I received a letter from appointments saying that as soon as an appointment was available they would contact me, OH AND REMMBER YOU CANNOT SMOKE IN THE HOSPITAL, on the 17th of May I receive a further letter from appointments saying I have an appointment on the 1st July i.e. 8 months later, (OH AND REMBER YOU CANNOT SMOKE IN THE HOSPITAL)I am a pensioner and also cannot afford to go private, I have felt inwardly sick since my Doctor told me last October what the problem might be and I still have another month worrying, this delay in appointments has been going on for years, due in no small way to specialists running clinics in the likes of Switzerland ,one day I was in the out patients dep't waiting to be seen along with other people and things were running very late during this waiting time a Doctor left the consulting room with his brief case and coat over his arm, then things ran even later, when it was finally my turn I asked the Doctor who was attending to me who I know quite well why had the other guy left when so many people were waiting? he said he was attending his other surgery and had to catch a plane to Geneva, this has been going on for years and has never been addressed, I had high hopes for Anne Pryke but she has let many people down and has never really taken charge of complaints to do with the Hospital I as well as others I have spoken to firmly believe she is out of her depth, and should resign I know I will never vote for her again, Anne Pryke keep taking the money and do nothing and I will sit at home in my last years worrying for 8 months about my condition, so called administration at the hospital is a mess and a disgrace and as you are meant to be in charge then you are responsible and as you can't sort the situation out you should do the honourable thing and resign please. I am sorry to ramble on but feel I must get this out of my system, in writing this I must say that I have no problem with the Nurses they do a good job and I have always have been well looked after when I have stayed in hospital, to them I say thank you.

  5. anon at 10.13pm please don't waste your time expecting any help from the so called "mental health services" at the hospital.or not at the hospital now as they have been relocated at la chasse in Colomberie.
    what sort of hospital has no psychiatric outpatients department at all????also over 78% of people with mental health problems have now been shoved out of there so called "care" and pushed onto there own gps!! also there are no wards left for people with mental health issues as they have been closed down due to the savage cutbacks in the mental health services !!however i believe there are 10 beds at orchard house up at st saviours hospital for the seriously ill patients .10 beds for a population of 100,00 people.

  6. R.I.P Cayle you were an AMAZING GUY!! you don't realize how much you will be missed!! R.I.P!! :'(