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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

"Life Saving Cannabis - The Natural Medicine - Big Pharma Nightmare"

Call for Cannabis to be legalised

Evelyn Volante only allowed to take Big Pharma poisons

A Jersey woman suffering from severe bowel disease is calling for cannabis to be legalised.
Evelyn Volante had her colon and large intestine removed because of her condition, and takes dozens of different medicines to control her condition. 
But she says smoking cannabis is the only thing that relieves her muscle spasms and increases her appetite. 
Hundreds of Islanders have signed her petition to legalise the class B drug for medicinal purposes.
Do YOU think Cannabis should be legalised? Let us know why and we'll read out a selection in the programme tonight at 6pm.

Please visit the petition at the link below.

Have any of you ever wondered why humans have cannabinoid receptors in our brains?

Please read more on Evelyn Volante at the link below.

It must be noted that the real benefit from cannabis is not from smoking it, other than for pain relief, the real fix comes from the hemp oil that is extracted from the bud resin. This resin is the real life saver that the government and big pharma don't want you getting your clammy mits on.

Check out Rick Simpson's video below (last video) which shows you how to extract the resin from cannabis safely, and fix virtually every ailment it is possible to have.


  1. Good luck to Evelyn she seems to have been through hell.

  2. A quite dreadful state of affairs when someone needs relief and can not get it because of red tape.

  3. Very interesting article on medicinal Cannabis in the UK:

    1. Thank you for your link anon which can be seen HERE

  4. Well that was an interesting link. More Porkies from the authorities, loosers! : )