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Sunday, 26 May 2013

"Jersey Law Society Demand Tax-Paying Mugs Finance Them!!!"

"Mugs To Pay Again"


  1. Let the states pay lawyers for legal aid, however at the same time the Jersey lawyer’s monopoly of standing in courts to speak for others must be taken away from them, or are they so greedy they want it every way.
    As for Gorst wanting to make justice accessible for all islanders, great, the first step must surely be for legislation to be written in plain English and not that deceptive open to abuse of interpretation language called legalese.


  2. 26 May 2013

    Senior Jersey police officer to help abuse inquiry
    The Very Reverend Bob Key The Very Reverend Bob Key was suspended after the initial report into his handling of the allegations
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    A senior police officer will help in the investigation into how Jersey's Dean dealt with allegations of abuse.

    Det Supt Stewart Gull, head of special branch and CID in Jersey, will join a team lead by Dame Heather Steel.

    The inquiry will look at how the Very Reverend Bob Key, the head of Jersey's Anglican Church, handled a woman's claims of abuse by a church warden.

    It will look specifically at the actions of the Dean from when the unnamed woman came to him in 2008.

    It will be used to inform a review led by Bishop John Gladwin into how victims of abuse are treated across the Diocese of Winchester, of which Jersey is a part.

    Dame Steel was a High Court Judge in England and Wales and retired from Jersey's Court of Appeal in 2012.

    The Dean's commission was withdrawn in March after an initial report, but he was reinstated on 28 April after he apologised.

    Jersey police were asked to nominate an officer to take part in the investigation, which was commissioned by the Bishop of Winchester.

    A police spokeswoman said Det Supt Gull would be able to continue his normal duties during the inquiry.

    Bishop Gladwin is due to publish his report later this year.

    The States of Jersey Police and Hampshire Constabulary investigated the allegations of abuse in 2008 but found there was insufficient evidence to proceed.

  3. Obviously the recession is hitting their pockets. Less houses sold, fewer people having the money to pay silly prices, to vulture less businesses having the will or money to take legal action.

    No problem go to their friends or contacts in the Government and then try to get fingers into the public purse.

    £3 million to start they say, raising to name your price . In return you will vote for these gentleman in a couple of years time to keep the gravy train running.

    Hello UK government anyone listening.