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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

"Government Drone - Anne Pryke - Reviving Hitler"

Attempt to block ‘snooper’s charter’

CALLS have been made to scrap ‘excessive and unreasonable’ public health proposals which would give health inspectors powers to enter homes and sanction residents who breach rules.
Under new plans released by the Health Minister, inspectors could enter both rented and owner-occupied accommodation to examine health and safety standards or energy and water conservation compliance.
If they were refused access, the Bailiff or a Jurat could issue a warrant authorising the inspector’s entry, along with a police officer.
Deputy John Young, the chairman of the Environment Scrutiny panel, has described the powers of State intervention sought in the law as ‘excessive and arguably a breach of civil liberties’.
He has written to Health Minister Anne Pryke to express the panel’s ‘serious concerns’ over the plans and ask her to consider withdrawing the draft Public Health and Safety (Dwellings) Jersey Law.


  1. Where have all the 19 comments gone Ian. Was the truth getting to much for them.

    1. I think your on the wrong posting anon