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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"Governed By Consent - Franchises - Statutes - And A Fist Full Of Prison"

"Statutes & Prison"

A Guest Posting By Cyril

As readers will be aware I was imprisoned for non-payment of parking fines last December.

I believe that experience trumps theory every time, so with that in mind, I took my imprisonment as an opportunity to put into practice my deductions leading on from the notion that we are governed by consent.
One the reasons that we can tell we are governed by consent is that the States of Jersey (just like the UK) is a corporate de facto government. See link below.
And that the States of Jersey operates using commercial contracts to bind us to their rules, It is easy to establish that all commercial contracts require consent to be lawful, no one can legally/lawfully force anyone into a contract against their will.
Logically, because of the fact that we are governed by consent, anything government wishes to impose on us must be with our consent, that includes income tax, social security, and all other legislation.
Now what is not apparent to most is that consent is expressly given to government by our use of the right to vote (note; registration is also used for gaining our consent)
Voting is often described as “exercising your franchise” and that is exactly what voting is, government offers us a franchise (voting) and we are at liberty to use it or not.
I found it curious that a commercial term (franchise) should be used for voting so I did some research.

From Black’s law dictionary;
Franchise. A special privilege to do certain things conferred
by government on individual or corporation, and
which does not belong to citizens generally of common
Elective franchise. The right of suffrage; the right or
privilege of voting in public elections.

So we see that the voting franchise or more properly known as the elective franchise is a state granted right, it is not an inalienable right because we have to enter our names on the electoral register to exercise the state granted right and the state can take that right away from us, in reality the right to vote is little more than a privilege.
The elective franchise offers us the opportunity to vote for who will become a manager (legislator) in the business called the States of Jersey, it confers upon us neither right to choose the Government (the Executive) nor the Judiciary, and as with all franchises it imposes terms and conditions on all who take up the franchise, whether your preferred choice wins or not.
It is my conviction that ‘governments’ are well past their use by date, they no longer (if they ever did) serve all of the people, but they are now just a tool of oppression controlled by the few.
If you want to be free from government tyranny the first steps are to stop voting for them and to remove your name from the electoral register.

It is vitally important to understand that law and the courts can deal with what is real and what is fictional, the real is anything that occurs in nature (e.g. men and women) and fictions are merely constructs of the mind that do not occur in nature (e.g. governments, corporations etc.).
The rule for the real and the fictional is “never the twain shall meet” commerce is a world of fiction and men and women cannot be seen in that fictional construct. However it is one of our inalienable rights to be able to act as surety for a fictional entity, in this way it is possible for us to use a fictional vessel (corporate body) to sail the fictional sea of commerce.

Governments ‘kindly’ let us use a fictional vessel to operate in commerce when our parents sign the register of births, for which it issues a birth certificate (Barron’s dictionary of banking terms defines a certificate as a paper that establishes an ownership right). The birth certificate remains the property of the government, it is unlikely that you will ever see the original certificate, but you can get a certified copy of the original.
The vessel created from the register is an unincorporated body corporate and in law is called a person (or legal person).
If you read any legislation (aka enactments, aka statutes) you will find that all statutes only apply to the person (they never use the words man/woman), these ‘laws’ can only be used on us if we consent to stand in the place of the person.

On arrival at the prison reception I am put in the holding cell before ‘processing’.
After 10 minutes a prison officer (PO) opens the cell and says;
PO. “Hi Cyril can you tell me your date of birth?”
Me. “Sorry I can’t I was too young to remember.”
PO. Smiles “OK” and locks the cell door. 30 minutes later he returns.
PO. Smiling “Have you remembered your date of birth yet?”
Me. Smiling back (being polite) “No, I've told you I was too young to remember.”
PO. Not smiling now, shuts the door again.
20 minutes later an officer nurse opens the cell and asked if I would like to do a diabetes test?
On reflection, I was foolish to agree to this and as soon as I had given a blood sample I realised what I had done.

I kept good humour but thought ‘bollocks’ as I was then ushered into the processing room.

I told the PO who had come to the cell that my non- compliance was nothing personal, he accepted this in good part, and after a bit of chit chat it transpired that the PO’s father knew my sister, so as we were getting along amiably I took the opportunity to ask him what would have happened if I had refused to speak or leave the holding cell. He said that they would have called the police who would have taken me down to the police station cells to serve my time.

I asked if he was joking, he replied no that was procedure, I asked if that had happened before and he said not to his knowledge.
Now here’s a thing, the police cannot hold you in the police cells unless they suspect you of committing a crime, refusing to give consent is not a crime, so even if they hold you for the spurious reason of not giving information, they can only hold you for 72 hours (unless they invoke the terrorism law), then they must charge you and take you to court or let you go. You cannot be kept in Jail (police cells) to serve a prison sentence.
By now both prison officers are ready to process me, this is how that went:

PO. “Can you read and sign this compact.”
Me. I read the ‘compact’ which states that I agree to comply with any lawful orders that any officer gives me (basically anything they say). That I must attend any meetings that they arrange for me e.g. probation, medical, shrinks, assessments for gym, arts class, prison board etc. That I consent to any and all cavity searches. All in all what most would describe as a contract consenting to slavery!
I turn to the PO and say “I’m not signing that contract”
PO. “It’s not a contract it’s a compact and I need you to sign it”
ME. “ What’s the difference between a contract and a compact”
PO. “urm”
Me. “It looks like a contract to me, and it has all the elements of a written contract”
I put my thumb over the letters C.O.M and ask him what the remainder of the word says.
PO. “err PACT”
Me. “Isn't a pact an agreement between two or more parties?”
PO. “Yes but…”
Me. “So it’s a contract then and I am not obliged to sign any contracts”
PO. “err.. hang on ..I'll just check..”

At this point a Dawn French Esque supervisor (S) entered the room.
S. to PO. “Everything OK?”
PO. “ er he won't sign the compact ma'am
S. to PO. Ignoring me completely “He has to”
PO. “He says he won’t”
S. Turning to me “You have to sign the compact”
Me. “I do not”
S. “You must sign”
Me. “I must not”
S. “If I order you to sign you have to sign”
Me. “Would that be a lawful order as mentioned in the compact”
S. “Yes”
Me. “Go on then”
S. “Right, I order you to sign the compact”
Me. “No, my signature is my private property and neither you, the Bailiff, the Queen, or anyone else can tell me what to do with my private property. I think you need to ask your superiors just what is and isn't a lawful order”
Needless to say I did not sign their compact.

From Black’s law dictionary;
Compact, n. An agreement or contract between persons,
nations or states. Commonly applied to working agreements
between and among states concerning matters of
mutual concern. A contract between parties, which
creates obligations and rights capable of being enforced,
and contemplated as such between the parties, in their
distinct and independent characters. A mutual consent
of parties concerned respecting some property or right
that is the object of the stipulation, or something that is
to be done or forborne.
It seems pretty clear to me that the government must have your consent to imprison you for any statutory offence.
So next time I will say absolutely nothing and do nothing they ask me to do, in fact, I'll refuse to leave the holding cell.
If you have committed a real crime you should do the time as Common Law must be adhered to by all for a society to function fairly and justly.
The overwhelming majority of prison officers treated me with respect, consideration, and were very helpful so I'd like to say thanks and hi to Lee, Alex, Paul, Chris, Maria, Andy, Craig, John, Alan, Mick and Nick there are some others whose names escape me for now.
I'll finish with a little anecdote that demonstrates the power of conditioning.
I had fallen asleep on my bunk whilst reading when there was a loud banging on my cell door, coming too, I heard someone say in a loud voice “stand-up” getting to my feet still half asleep the voice said “turn around and face the window” I did, then “put your hands on the window” just as I complied I thought WTF? and turned around to see two officers cracking up laughing, I must admit even I found it funny after I told them, intemperately, to go away.
Even semi-conscious, we tend to comply with the conditioning that has taught us to obey ‘authority’.


  1. Cyril, if I chose not to register my newly born son what would happen to him and to his parents?

  2. Very good question anon,
    Undoubtedly the ‘authorities would pursue the parents (usually the one they think is the weakest) through statutes, they would drag you into court and once there would presume you to be acting as a ‘person’ (not a man or woman), they would get your tacit consent for that presumption then fine you for failing to register your son. Should you manage to successfully rebut their presumption they probably would try to take your son away from you using other statutes. If they were to fail with all of the coercion, duress and violence, your son would grow up free of government tyranny, plunder and interference in his life.
    However they will make it extremely hard for him to work, rent or buy property. Look at the control of work and housing ‘law’ and the Register of names and addresses (Jersey) law 2012 to see how peoples lives are being ringfenced to better control us and void our inalienable rights. Make no mistake about this, it is writ large all around us, the ‘elites’ who have long since controlled government are afraid of a free populace capable of critical thinking and are ever more desperate to lock us into a system whereby government of the people, by the people, for the people is transformed completely to government of the few, by the few, for the few. I wish you luck.

  3. Rant after watching video linked.
    Control of Housing and work law Business licensing by Tim Hart.

    The Law works by prohibiting the carrying on of work without a license and it provides for 3 kinds of license a business non residence and hawkers licence
    The law talks about an undertaking and its an'' undertaking which requires a licence

    What it(TRYS) to do the law, however is to define much more clearly than at present what an undertaking is
    my comment (so the law is trying to define an undertaking.

    What is says it is (is a trade business or activity

    blah blah blah it is quite a comprehensive definition.

    It does spell out specifically that if no individual is paid to work for the undertaking then there is no requirement for a licence.

    Physical presence is the key here can involve an address what you'd understand to be a business trading in Jersey but can also have a more extended definition.

    Must see video. there is a provision for fees to be charged!
    It is a criminal offence for not having a card on the employee side and the employer.

    Not the use of words Trys, also, say it is, can

    Ian or Cyril who is the injured partie for this to be a criminal offence. This law sounds like a theat I was born free When did the states of Jersey become allowed to put terms and conditions on my inalienable rights? HOW ABOUT THE PUBLIC HAVE THERE OWN TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND PRICE FOR FILLING IN THESE FORMS I am sure Tim gets paid for his work the corporation gets paid unless we are slaves we have rights without corporations putting terms and conditions to us. we can accept them or not.

    1. This was an anonymous comment sent in a couple of minutes ago, I have changed it slightly in that I have made the link a proper link. The spelling mistakes have been left in place :)

    2. I have just finished listening to the entire video from my new idol, Tim Hart. If you're reading this Tim, you're a superstar man, nobody has made me laugh like that in a long long time, not even Bridget Shaw or Mike Bowron :)

      The first point to make is this, I mentioned recently that myself and Cyril have maintained that Jersey is a testing ground for the New World Order. This ridiculous statute proves that, and beyond any reasonable doubt. Most of the people in Jersey will undoubtedly sign up to this horseshit through sheer ignorance, those in the know, after reading our jabberings over the last two years will, out of pure fear of having their benefits and privileges taken away from them, sign up also.

      If you replay the video after the first screening, you will note that 'Timmy' refers to men and women as "entities" and "persons" and "individuals". As I am sick of repeating, there is a good reason for this, that reason is the fact that "entities" and "persons" and "individuals" are all in commerce. They are dead, they do not exist, they never have....Just like your strawman, the legal fiction created by your birth certificate, the ghost that you cling to whilst living out your perceived reality.

      Time to wake up "SHEEPLE OF JERSEY". Are you all legal fictions that don't really exist? Or are you living breathing men and women who hold the key to your own destiny's? Tim Hart knows damn well that he is deceiving you all, he knows damn well that he is committing fraud on his fellow human beings, and so does every other God damned lawyer on the planet. What you may not know however, is that all these statutes, rules, regulations, by-laws, orders....etc, etc, only apply to members of the law society! They are their rules to govern their society, they have sweet fuck all to do with us!!!

      And...As a matter of pure curiosity, if you don't believe me then Email MR TIM HART (all caps) and ask him? Ask him straight, "Do the rules of the law society apply to men and women who do not wish to contract with the law society or the government" and make sure to stipulate that he is under his FULL COMMERCIAL LIABILITY when answering your Email. Anyone who gets a reply, other than "NO"....Please post it to this blog, myself and Cyril will help you sue him for the shit under his toe nails, along with the mansion he is living in :)

      You "SHEEPLE" sign this shit and you have contracted your arses out to government forever...."May the force be with you"....Because after signing this horseshit, you are all sure as hell going to need the force to save you.

      YOU ARE ALL MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN, and that's all there is to it, "The flesh lives, the blood flows, and no one stands between you and the divine"!!!

      Take a chance for once in your life, Email pencil neck with the stipulations above :)


    13-14 Esplanade
    St Helier
    JE1 1BD


  5. This new law looks like government lockdown.

  6. I would like to know how many of our politicians understood exactly what this law entailed before they voted it in?

    1. A very good question anon, a very good question indeed. That could be asked of most of the alleged 'laws' they blindly pass. I think it was Deputy Mike Higgins, if I remember correctly, who refused some time ago to vote in a law as he really did not understand what he was voting for, and subsequently abstained from voting.

      For example, the new statute on registration of names and addresses is an absolute classic case of deception. It is riddled with so much nonsensical garbage that it makes no sense whatsoever to the average Joe. It is designed that way simply to confuse and frustrate our politicians, who in turn do not ever understand any of it and just vote it in as they cannot be bothered researching the subject to get a full understanding of exactly what is being proposed, or indeed, the implications of what is being proposed.

      That is legalese for you, the private language of the law society.

  7. We will be given some shpeel about controlling immigration protecting jobs etc.

    Why has no politician asked Do the Gov truly believe they have the power to prevent man or woman from going about their daily business contracting with whomever they wish to provide for themselves. We are not slaves and should not be treated as such.

    Another money making scheme for the States to waste.

    1. T quote from a man I admire very much....Robert Menard

      "Most of the power government has over you is a result of your actions, not theirs."

      What Robert was saying here is that everything government presents to you is an offer, it cannot be anything other than an offer as they operate in commerce which is a dead thing. If all they can make is an offer, how is it that we are controlled by them? The answer is simple, we accept their offers every time. The second you put your signature to any of their commercial documents, you have accepted their offer.

      What myself and Cyril do is send their documents right back to them writing on the envelope in big red letters on a forty five degree angle "No contract, return to sender".

      I would advise all of you to google Robert Menard's book, "Bursting Bubbles Of Government Deception" which is also available on a free download. It is good to own the book though.

      Please remember people of Jersey, you are not obliged to contract with anyone that you do not wish to. They will threaten you with violence and fines, when this doesn't work they will try dragging you into court where they will trick you into consenting to their laws with legalese, and which they are very good at as they have had centuries of practice. Stand your ground people, or your children will have no future other than slavery. This is end time we are in.

      I will leave you with another of robert's quotes which will prove to be true eventually....

      "Those with [De Facto] power will not let it go without a fight. And if it comes down to it, they will first seek to use the law, then abuse it, then change it, then disregard it entirely. Our strategy must be to always and only embrace the law. That is what will save us when they abandon it entirely."

      Robert Menard

  8. Julie Hanning from facebook is going to be doorstepped so watch this space.

  9. Who is Julie Hanning?