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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

"Church Incompetence Under The Microscope"

Jersey church investigation underway

Dame Heather Steel DBE has begun her investigation into a Jersey church safeguarding complaint from 2008.

The Dame's inquiries will feed into a bigger investigation into how good Jersey's church is at protecting people.

Dame Steel is a former Court of Appeal Judge in Jersey, having retired last year, and is a former High Court Judge in England and Wales. 

The investigation follows the independent Korris Review into Safeguarding in the Deanery of Jersey, published in March 2013, which considered the case of a vulnerable adult parishioner, who had made a complaint about abusive behaviour by a churchwarden. 

The Investigation will now make further inquiries, find facts and make recommendations about whether or not disciplinary complaints should be brought against any member of the clergy as a result of the matters raised in the Korris Review.

The Bishop of Winchester, the Rt Rev Tim Dakin, said: "We are enormously grateful that Dame Heather has offered her considerable expertise to us all. 
"As I have said before, we cannot stress enough the importance of safeguarding. 
"We are committed to understanding fully the circumstances of this complaint and to ensuring that we take whatever action is required to ensure that our Church is a safe haven for the vulnerable.
"I am also grateful for the cooperation of the Dean in these matters, following his recent apology. 
"As he has said, together we recognise the importance of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in Jersey and we want to ensure the safeguarding procedures of the Diocese achieve this as part of the whole Church's mission. 
"These ongoing inquiries will form a vital part of our learning."

Dame Heather Steel will also be advised and assisted in her inquiries by States of Jersey Police.


  1. ....eeeer assisted by who? Well that's a laugh for a start.

    Add to that the fact that the Dean, with hindsight and the prospect of losing his position has now 'apologised (but not to the victim) and co-operated' does not bode well yet again for a transparent outcome.

    Time to Google Dame Heather Steel methinks.

  2. She is a commissioner of the royal court of Jersey. LINK

  3. LINK

    Dame Heathers career history does not include Jersey for some reason?

  4. Disassociation from Jersey seems to be growing rapidly these days.

  5. A couple of comments off

    Anonymous 16 May 2013 20:15
    Dame Heather Steel, former judicial colleague of Philip Bailhache. Really? Is Bishop Dakin aware?

    On 17 September 2010 Philip Bailhache organised the conference "Dependency or Sovereignty? Time to take stock."

    Introduction: Sir Philip Bailhache
    2nd speaker: Dame Heather Steel

    Fortunately, Google keeps a cache, even if Jersey Finance no longer maintain a link:

    Law Institute have a link

    The Jersey Finance link is no longer there. Probably an accident.

    ------------------ Replies Bob Hill 16 May 2013 20:52 ----------

    Thanks for the link.

    If you look at the other contributors you will see that a certain Richard Falle was also on the list. He just happens to be the same Richard Falle who was the Magistrate who issued HG with the 3 years Binding Over on 11th October 2010.

    As they say, “you just couldn’t make it up.”

  6. Comment off blog of Bob Hill (BEM)

    Anonymous 17 May 2013 08:20
    Anyone remember the Reg's Skips case...?

    If I recall correctly:

    The Pinels lost at trial (judge Philip Bailhache)
    The Pinels lost at appeal (judge Heather Steel)
    The case attracted great controversy and was widely regarded as a Jersey judicial travesty
    The Pinels were then compensated in full by The States of Jersey after Senator Ben Shenton brought a proposition to the Assembly.

    Full report here. A shocking episode in Jersey judicial history, I think you will agree.

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