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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"Child Abuse 'Allegations'? No No - These Are Child Abuse Facts"

Child abuse allegations put off tourists

Tourists still see Jersey as an island marred by historical child abuse at Haut De La Garenne, according to new research.

Matthew Dugdale, from the University of Liverpool, interviewed more than 100 people at Jersey Airport and heard how visitors perceptions of Jersey changed following reports of abuse at the former children's home.

A high number of responses associate child abuse with the island and said Tourism and the States left a large number of questions unanswered.

42% of those questioned say national news stories about Haut De La Garenne in 2008 put them off visiting the island.

The paper called "The effect of negative media on destination branding: Altered perceptions in the case of Jersey and Haut de la Garenne" focused on the effect of negative media on destination branding and how the perceptions of visitors to Jersey altered following the incidents of child abuse at Haut de la Garenne.

Matthew said: "Since a child I have visited Jersey many times and following the incidents I noticed a slowdown in tourism on the island. However the incidents occurred around the same time as the economic downtown and it was important for me to understand the real effect the child abuse claims had on tourism to the island and what views people held."

Outbound passengers at Jersey Airport, a mixture of leisure and business travellers, were interviewed earlier this year as part of the project.

They were asked whether their decision to travel was affected immediately following the incidents at Haut de la Garenne.

42% said yes.

Some said it was because Jersey's government has given misleading facts regarding the level of abuse.

Others mentioned the altered perception of Jersey now being unsafe, that the incidents gave Jersey a bad image and a bad reputation.

Of the 42% who claimed that that their decision to travel had been affected, 28% of the group said that their decision changed over time and they started to travel to Jersey again.

But 14% still associate negative perceptions with Jersey and actively restrict their travel.


  1. Yes They are facts, but as revealing the report author wrote:

    Tourism and the States left a large number of questions unanswered.

    Jersey's government has given misleading facts regarding the level of abuse.

    Would these comments have been made without the internet and the local bloggers who wrote the truth, and questioned the Government's spin and lies ?

    Well done mainstream Jersey internet users and writers. You Know who you are.

  2. Ian.

    "Some said it was because Jersey's government has given misleading facts regarding the level of abuse."

    There lies the blame, it is the way things have been handled by our government that has caused suspicion and distrust of our, once beautiful, island.

    Did the powers that be (Law Offices) really believe they could cover all this up, then illegally suspend the Chief Police Officer (while his force were investigating the institutionalised Child Abuse) and expect everybody to swallow stories of teeth being left out for tooth fairies, disappearing baths, disappearing collagen and the likes?

    Evidently the public is not as daft as the decision makers, and local State Media think it is.

    The blame lies squarely with those who decided to cover up the abuse.

    1. Exactly! Some Jersey residents may believe their State Media propaganda but that media is pretty much restricted to local distribution. Anyone interested in an internet search of Jersey would easily find excellent local blogs and even some msm coverage like that in the Guardian, exposing the truth. Lies and propaganda can backfire. Jersey's notoriety for the recent cover-up of abuse now rivals that reputation for the more historic cover-up.


  3. As if it wasn't already plain as a pikestaff?

    1. Lesson 2....Understand the meaning of this TUNE and the history of the man who sang it all those years ago!

  4. Well there you have it.

    We could have been the island that cleansed itself but we are forevermore the island that covered up.

    So obvious - Compounding the damage with cover up is the work of our majority shyster politicians and the fake journalists of their media

    Shame on them and shame on the electorate who saddle us with the business and self interest blinkered buffoons.