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Thursday, 30 May 2013

"Bailhache On Honesty, Transparency & The New Church Of Baal-Hash"

"Bailhache On Honesty & Transparency"

"We must dispel ignorant myths"

Jersey's acting Foreign Minister says it is vital Jersey builds relationships with Europe to dispel "ignorant" myths about the island. 

Sir Philip Bailhache was speaking at a conference in St Helier attended by politicians from Normandy. 

States Members and leaders in areas from Environment to Education, met with their counterparts in the French region to discuss how they can work together.

Sir Philip said: "We get a great deal of ignorant criticism that we are allegedly a tax haven and it's very important to build up these relationships with the major European countries in order to explain that we are a transparent jurisdiction, that we cooperate with them and that we are an asset to Europe rather than something of a liability."

"Bailhache On The Church of Baal-Hash"

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