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Saturday, 4 May 2013

"Anonymous Gearing Up For Campaign Against 'The Capital Of Evil' Grubby Little Jersey"

"The Price Of Corruption"

The People Will Win


  1. My name is Bronwen for decades I have sort justice it suits the powers that be to denegrate through persecution victimisation of the innocent in order to control, when they can't control you they deny you the most basic of help. Thank you for speaking out.

  2. The capital of evil, how apt.

  3. where is the site, how do we know if this is bullshit or not, have they tried to hack jersey?

    Anyone think its strange that they say that someone said that they are from jersey, i mean wtf? and that its posted on the front page a day after Monfort Tadier speaks out about corrupt financials centre?

    JEP working at the top end of propoganda here, kings of spin.

    1. That last comment stinks of Haworth and with all the usual spelling mistakes.

    2. Of course it's Haworth, what dickhead on the planet could come out with such unsubstantiated shyte? Only the scum from flat No....Shortly to be revealed along with photo of said shithead :)

  4. Cue the astroturfing which will begin next week. Excellent piece of news for the JEP to suddenly stumble upon the day after Tadier speaks out about parts of the finance industry.

    Ozouf and his cronies will now be blaming every hard drive failure on earth on Tadier. You can see the headlines now "two keyboard failures at local school blamed on anonymous and Tadier".

    Tadier owned Ozouf on CTV the other night, so much so Ozouf tried to end it when he realised he was losing. He also blogged that he would be complaining to CTV as the journalist should have intervened. Tadier wasn't in a rush to end it and I haven't heard him complain, he was more than happy to stand by what he said. He also said he did support the industry but don't expect that little fact to get repeated by any MSM.

    Tadier and Ozouf had so many similarities to the infamous Syvret and Walker on Newsnight. One politician attempting to speak the truth and another spouting guff about denigrating the islands reputation whilst ignoring the topic of debate.

    Type "sham trust" in to Google and you will find that the first test case for one of these was ........................................ wait for JERSEY!

    Tadier said we had signed Fatca with the UK under protest and Ozouf denied it saying we were always willing. We all know this to be untrue which is why Jersey only signed it 24hrs before the chancellors budget and several days or weeks after the IOM and Gsy.

    Utmost respect to Tadier but he'd better watch out, the late night cup of tea in the states building has nothing on the fury this will have caused.

    I find it incredible that so many people jump on the bandwagon of calling politicians traitors if they say anything negative about the island. I prefer politicians who speak the truth but so many idiots out there are only concerned with image and reputation, shame on them.

  5. Excellent comment posted 10:51. Worthy if this could get out on facebook, twitter @itvchanneltv, @JEPnews or BBC's @Jongripton whos bio reads Personal account of award-winning Editor of BBC Channel Islands TV and BBC Radio Jersey. Breaking news is my game

  6. I just completed a quick search of the phrase used in the article you published. ''please help the world everyone this is the centre of everything''

    As a result of the search of the words above an Anonymous poster has left three forum posts on forum linked below.

    Nothing from the organisation or forum themselves seems to signal any threat to any organisation in Jersey.

  7. Love the caped Zoroesque pic,Do we think the C.O.M. alias Knights of impossingworth...are a tad afraid of Tadier,could he be impaled like Senator Stuart Syvret for dissent,Ozo the Bozo was a tad incandescent in the interview piece,the camp was temporarily suspended in favour of venom,he of course claims not to read such posts,insiders say he scans them constantly,I know what I believe,so the King of spend and plunder is vexed with Montfort,forgetting as he sprayed his judgments around that Montfort was elected by the Public of this island to represent them....who does Ozo represent,developers,quangos,bankers ...oh and his imagined status and image Deluded or what.

  8. I have read the posting on Anonnews,its not easy to find and no one has replied to the posting,but if any of it is true then it certainly needs to be bought to the worlds attention

    1. And what exactly will the worlds attention do? Nothing, same as usual....

  9. It looks like anon is not interested. OPs post is full of IPs that are useless! A ddos of these would do nothing. The post attracted the attention of ONE Jersey /b/tard. Who correctly states that anon is NYPA (not your personal army).

    Anyone here ever been on /b/? Real anons don't use anonnews. They use /b/ whenever there is an anon raid that is where you will see everything happening. LOIC set up scripts, target IPs, botnets etc. And even more in the background via TOR and IRC.

    Anon is not "Gearing Up For Campaign Against 'The Capital Of Evil' Grubby Little Jersey"

    This post was done just for hype nothing more I have seen many raids in my time (over 9000 ;) ) and they do not look like this. If you really want to get anons attention try /b/ @ good luck ;)

    PS. do not visit /b/ from work. It is NSFW!!!!