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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

"Alan Norton (convicted murderer) & The Jersey Way"

"Alan Norton Update"

Alan Norton
Joy Norton

Below is the email I received from Kate
(one of the Norton team members) this morning.

"Alan Norton has now been back in Jersey for the past six weeks and now in a position of working with legal lawyers. If Jersey doesn't give him the justice he deserves then he can go straight back to the english government to fight them. Either way he now has the ball in his court for a while. He has enjoyed every moment being back meeting up with old friends and new and the half of the family that have always stood by him. Much has been learnt including family secrets that some thought would remain hidden forever. The truth will be out and we now have a connection of Paisnel with the Norton family. Edwards Paisnel we can now confirm was known to Joy Norton. The book on Alan's life story is two thirds of the way through and will be yet another eye opener on the Jersey establishment who thought they had hidden these secrets forever. If you want to see where we are please visit our website Thank you Ian for allowing us on you site."

You can visit the website by clicking on the link below.

The "Trial & Evidence" section at the top of the page is very interesting.

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