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Friday, 31 May 2013

"The Church - The Abused - And The Three Amigos"

Church-in-crisis meeting called

Churchgoers in Jersey are meeting to air their concerns about an inquiry into the way vulnerable parishioners are looked after.

It follows the suspension, and reinstatement, of the island's Dean over the way he dealt with one churchgoer's complaint of abuse.

The Bishop of Winchester's decision to suspend the island's Dean over the way he dealt with a complaint of abuse revealed fractures in relations between the church in the island and the Bishop.

The Dean Bob Key's now back at work and two inquiries are underway into how well vulnerable parishioners are safeguarded by Jersey's church.

But leading churchgoers are far from happy.

One former church warden, Bruce Willing, has already called on the Archbishop of Canterbury to intervene in the whole affair.

Now a public meeting's been called for next Tuesday night so all churchgoers in the island who want to air their views on the current state of play can share their thoughts.

There are those who back the inquiries who want the original alleged victim to be remembered.

There are others who say the whole thing is a gross over-reaction.

The meeting at Grouville Parish Hall starts at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4 June.

Senator arranges churchgoer meeting about Jersey's Dean

A Jersey politician has arranged a meeting for Anglican churchgoers to discuss an inquiry about the Dean.
Senator Sir Philip Bailhache said he arranged the meeting amid concern over what the investigation could mean for Jersey.
The inquiry will look at how the Very Reverend Bob Key, the head of Jersey's Anglican Church, handled a woman's claims of abuse by a church warden.
It resulted in the bishop of Winchester withdrawing the Dean's commission.
It was reinstated on 28 April after he apologised.
Full scale inquiry
Senator Bailhache said churchgoers needed to know as much as possible about the whole matter and he has called the special meeting to discuss it with as many people as possible.
The meeting is on Tuesday at 19:30 BST at Grouville Parish Hall.
There will now be a full scale inquiry, led by Bishop John Gladwin and Dame Heather Steel, an appeal court judge, which will also look at the constitutional relationship between Jersey's church and the diocese of Winchester.
Bishop Gladwin is due to publish his report later this year.
The States of Jersey Police and Hampshire Constabulary investigated the allegations of abuse in 2008 but found there was insufficient evidence to proceed.

"Curtis Warren Court Appearance Drives Island Police Into Mass Security Hysteria"

Top security for drug baron’s date in court

NOTORIOUS drugs baron Curtis Warren has been flown to Jersey on a private plane under armed police escort for a court appearance next week.
Warren, who was jailed for 13 years in 2009 over a £1 million plot to smuggle cannabis into the Island, was met at Jersey Airport on Wednesday morning by specially-trained police firearms officers and taken to La Moye prison.
As a ‘high-risk’ prisoner, Warren has been serving out his sentence in the UK.
He is due to appear for a directions hearing next Wednesday in the Royal Court, where a heavy police presence is expected.

He's handcuffed and surrounded by prison officers when he's not actually in jail, and on a nine by six mile island surrounded by miles of ocean, where exactly is he going to go?

Thursday, 30 May 2013

"Governed By Consent Means Nothing To Val Cameron Or Sam Mezec"

"Val Cameron Say's"

"That the department wanted to dispel myths about the proposed law (which is really a statute) that were in the public domain, such as the claim that it could breach human rights, which she said was untrue".

Really Val? and Sam Mezec come to that!

Have you actually read, and if so, even understood the following human rights laws?
Not to mention our inalienable rights!

The quote below is the very first sentence from the preamble of the U.D.H.R.

"Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world."

Bearing in mind the above, how can anyone make laws (statutes) to bind or govern anyone else without their consent? All men and women are born equal, but as we know, some think they are born more equal than others....

See links below for previous stories in this regard.

"Bailhache On Honesty, Transparency & The New Church Of Baal-Hash"

"Bailhache On Honesty & Transparency"

"We must dispel ignorant myths"

Jersey's acting Foreign Minister says it is vital Jersey builds relationships with Europe to dispel "ignorant" myths about the island. 

Sir Philip Bailhache was speaking at a conference in St Helier attended by politicians from Normandy. 

States Members and leaders in areas from Environment to Education, met with their counterparts in the French region to discuss how they can work together.

Sir Philip said: "We get a great deal of ignorant criticism that we are allegedly a tax haven and it's very important to build up these relationships with the major European countries in order to explain that we are a transparent jurisdiction, that we cooperate with them and that we are an asset to Europe rather than something of a liability."

"Bailhache On The Church of Baal-Hash"

"Elin Appeal Fund Is Growing"

Elin Touches Jersey's Hearts

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

"This Is What Happens When Governments Criminalize Natural Plants"

Island faces dramatic changes in use of drugs

Michael Gafoor, director of the Alcohol and Drug Service,
holding an example of the packet of a legal high

RESEARCH needs to be carried out into drug use in Jersey following ‘dramatic’ changes to patterns and trends in the past decade, according to the head of the Alcohol and Drug Service.
Michael Gafoor, director of the service, said there had been a major shift in the drugs being used, particularly after the emergence of so-called ‘legal highs’.
A proposal had now been submitted for funding from the Drug Trafficking Seizure Fund, money collected from criminals, to pay for the research, which has not been updated since 2001.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"An 84 Year Old Lady Is Beaten 'TWICE' With The Same Juridical Stick In Jersey"

"All The Presents That Christmas Brings!"

"You Just Couldn't Make This Shit Up!"

"Sad Suicide Of A Sixteen Year Old Boy In Jersey"

"When Will Suicide Be Tackled?"

"Dutch National Accused Of Indecent Images Of Children In Jersey"

"Bail? Not A Problem In Jersey!"

"Child Abuse 'Allegations'? No No - These Are Child Abuse Facts"

Child abuse allegations put off tourists

Tourists still see Jersey as an island marred by historical child abuse at Haut De La Garenne, according to new research.

Matthew Dugdale, from the University of Liverpool, interviewed more than 100 people at Jersey Airport and heard how visitors perceptions of Jersey changed following reports of abuse at the former children's home.

A high number of responses associate child abuse with the island and said Tourism and the States left a large number of questions unanswered.

42% of those questioned say national news stories about Haut De La Garenne in 2008 put them off visiting the island.

The paper called "The effect of negative media on destination branding: Altered perceptions in the case of Jersey and Haut de la Garenne" focused on the effect of negative media on destination branding and how the perceptions of visitors to Jersey altered following the incidents of child abuse at Haut de la Garenne.

Matthew said: "Since a child I have visited Jersey many times and following the incidents I noticed a slowdown in tourism on the island. However the incidents occurred around the same time as the economic downtown and it was important for me to understand the real effect the child abuse claims had on tourism to the island and what views people held."

Outbound passengers at Jersey Airport, a mixture of leisure and business travellers, were interviewed earlier this year as part of the project.

They were asked whether their decision to travel was affected immediately following the incidents at Haut de la Garenne.

42% said yes.

Some said it was because Jersey's government has given misleading facts regarding the level of abuse.

Others mentioned the altered perception of Jersey now being unsafe, that the incidents gave Jersey a bad image and a bad reputation.

Of the 42% who claimed that that their decision to travel had been affected, 28% of the group said that their decision changed over time and they started to travel to Jersey again.

But 14% still associate negative perceptions with Jersey and actively restrict their travel.

"Jersey Blaming Everyone But Bob Key For The Mess!"

"Bishop is damaging Church of England's ministry in Jersey"

Click on the pics to read them.

"Questions for the Bishop, and the big one is: Can you ever repair this damage?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

"Jersey Law Society Demand Tax-Paying Mugs Finance Them!!!"

"Mugs To Pay Again"

"Elin Rose Waite - A Story Of Courage"

"My Recent Cancer Postings"

"The Angel & Cancer"

"Hijacked Electoral Commission May Be Booted Into Touch?"

"Crooked Referen-Dum"

"Poisoning Milk With Aspartame"

Big Dairy Petitions FDA to Allow Unlabeled Use of Aspartame in Dairy Products

By Dr. Mercola
The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) have filed a petition with the FDA1 requesting the agency “amend the standard of identity” for milk and 17 other dairy products. This was done to provide for the use of any safe and suitable sweetener as an optional ingredient — including non-nutritive sweeteners such as aspartame to deceive you by not having to indicate its use on the label.
It’s a move that could endanger your health for decades to come, and disproportionally harm underprivileged children who rely on school lunches for the bulk of their nutrition.
If the amendment goes through, that would mean anytime you see the word “milk” on the label, it could include aspartame, sucralose, or any other dangerous artificial sweetener, but you could never be quite sure, since there will be no mention of it — not by listing the artificial sweetener used, nor with a no- or low-calorie type label, which is a tip-off that the product might contain a non-nutritive sweetener.
The IDFA and NMPF claim the proposed amendments would “promote more healthful eating practices and reduce childhood obesity by providing for lower-calorie flavored milk products” since many children are more inclined to drink flavored milk products than unflavored milk.
According to the Federal Register:
“[T]he proposed amendments would assist in meeting several initiatives aimed at improving the nutrition and health profile of food served in the nation's schools. Those initiatives include state-level programs designed to limit the quantity of sugar served to children during the school day.”
As if that’s not nonsensical enough, the IDFA and NMPF argue that the proposed amendments would “promote honesty and fair dealing in the marketplace.” How could altering the definition of “milk” to include unidentified artificial sweeteners possibly promote honesty or fair dealing in the marketplace, you might ask? Read on...
Please see the link below for the full article and a very interesting video on aspartame and Multiple Sclerosis. 

Friday, 24 May 2013

"Worlds Most Potent Healing Herb Stolen In Unlawful Police Raid"

Three arrested in Islandwide dawn raids

This deadly killer just sat there and witnessed the whole incident!

Three men have been arrested as part of a series of dawn raids across Jersey.

Homes in the Grand Vaux and Five Oaks areas were raided by officers just after 6.30am.

Cannabis plants and commercial scale drug growing equipment, including specialist lights and tents, were discovered at one of the properties. 

Sativa, and his cousin Indica are pleading Not Guilty!

It comes on the day Jersey Police stage their annual Impact Day, where the force shows its visibility.

Speaking at the Grand Vaux raids, Acting Detective Inspector Craig Jackson said: "The occupants have been complying with the officers, opened up and allowed the officers entry. They've been explaining they've got a warrant to search the premises for cannabis, and to all intents and purposes the officers have gone in to secure the occupants and are now commencing a search within the premises for evidence."

Maxicrop is looking at 10 to 15 behind bars,
and Miracle Grow could get life without parole!

At the Five Oaks raid, officers were supported by the Honorary Police.

Centenier Louise Noel of Saviour Honorary Police said: "This is the first time that we've actually done this. And it's been very interesting because as a Centenier I see the end result when we have people in court, so it's very interesting to see it from the start."

The three men arrested have since been released pending further enquiries.

One shopper told us: "There's a lot more increased sort of violence on the streets of town these days, and with a young child, it's really helpful to have police around. It's a nice presence in the community, I think."

Acting Det Insp Craig Jackson explained today's raids are rare: "We're not doing them on a daily basis, we're doing them when the intelligence is received and more importantly to the public it's not on a daily basis. Here today we've got three examples, one of a commercial venture, so cannabis plants and another form of cannabis called Thai stick."

Thai Sticks are suing for wrongful arrest and unlawful imprisonment
as they were simply guests that were invited for dinner the previous evening! 

"Society Is Falling Apart"

"Cops Sent Out To Arrest & Rob
The Homeless!"

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"Governed By Consent - Franchises - Statutes - And A Fist Full Of Prison"

"Statutes & Prison"

A Guest Posting By Cyril

As readers will be aware I was imprisoned for non-payment of parking fines last December.

I believe that experience trumps theory every time, so with that in mind, I took my imprisonment as an opportunity to put into practice my deductions leading on from the notion that we are governed by consent.
One the reasons that we can tell we are governed by consent is that the States of Jersey (just like the UK) is a corporate de facto government. See link below.
And that the States of Jersey operates using commercial contracts to bind us to their rules, It is easy to establish that all commercial contracts require consent to be lawful, no one can legally/lawfully force anyone into a contract against their will.
Logically, because of the fact that we are governed by consent, anything government wishes to impose on us must be with our consent, that includes income tax, social security, and all other legislation.
Now what is not apparent to most is that consent is expressly given to government by our use of the right to vote (note; registration is also used for gaining our consent)
Voting is often described as “exercising your franchise” and that is exactly what voting is, government offers us a franchise (voting) and we are at liberty to use it or not.
I found it curious that a commercial term (franchise) should be used for voting so I did some research.

From Black’s law dictionary;
Franchise. A special privilege to do certain things conferred
by government on individual or corporation, and
which does not belong to citizens generally of common
Elective franchise. The right of suffrage; the right or
privilege of voting in public elections.

So we see that the voting franchise or more properly known as the elective franchise is a state granted right, it is not an inalienable right because we have to enter our names on the electoral register to exercise the state granted right and the state can take that right away from us, in reality the right to vote is little more than a privilege.
The elective franchise offers us the opportunity to vote for who will become a manager (legislator) in the business called the States of Jersey, it confers upon us neither right to choose the Government (the Executive) nor the Judiciary, and as with all franchises it imposes terms and conditions on all who take up the franchise, whether your preferred choice wins or not.
It is my conviction that ‘governments’ are well past their use by date, they no longer (if they ever did) serve all of the people, but they are now just a tool of oppression controlled by the few.
If you want to be free from government tyranny the first steps are to stop voting for them and to remove your name from the electoral register.

It is vitally important to understand that law and the courts can deal with what is real and what is fictional, the real is anything that occurs in nature (e.g. men and women) and fictions are merely constructs of the mind that do not occur in nature (e.g. governments, corporations etc.).
The rule for the real and the fictional is “never the twain shall meet” commerce is a world of fiction and men and women cannot be seen in that fictional construct. However it is one of our inalienable rights to be able to act as surety for a fictional entity, in this way it is possible for us to use a fictional vessel (corporate body) to sail the fictional sea of commerce.

Governments ‘kindly’ let us use a fictional vessel to operate in commerce when our parents sign the register of births, for which it issues a birth certificate (Barron’s dictionary of banking terms defines a certificate as a paper that establishes an ownership right). The birth certificate remains the property of the government, it is unlikely that you will ever see the original certificate, but you can get a certified copy of the original.
The vessel created from the register is an unincorporated body corporate and in law is called a person (or legal person).
If you read any legislation (aka enactments, aka statutes) you will find that all statutes only apply to the person (they never use the words man/woman), these ‘laws’ can only be used on us if we consent to stand in the place of the person.

On arrival at the prison reception I am put in the holding cell before ‘processing’.
After 10 minutes a prison officer (PO) opens the cell and says;
PO. “Hi Cyril can you tell me your date of birth?”
Me. “Sorry I can’t I was too young to remember.”
PO. Smiles “OK” and locks the cell door. 30 minutes later he returns.
PO. Smiling “Have you remembered your date of birth yet?”
Me. Smiling back (being polite) “No, I've told you I was too young to remember.”
PO. Not smiling now, shuts the door again.
20 minutes later an officer nurse opens the cell and asked if I would like to do a diabetes test?
On reflection, I was foolish to agree to this and as soon as I had given a blood sample I realised what I had done.

I kept good humour but thought ‘bollocks’ as I was then ushered into the processing room.

I told the PO who had come to the cell that my non- compliance was nothing personal, he accepted this in good part, and after a bit of chit chat it transpired that the PO’s father knew my sister, so as we were getting along amiably I took the opportunity to ask him what would have happened if I had refused to speak or leave the holding cell. He said that they would have called the police who would have taken me down to the police station cells to serve my time.

I asked if he was joking, he replied no that was procedure, I asked if that had happened before and he said not to his knowledge.
Now here’s a thing, the police cannot hold you in the police cells unless they suspect you of committing a crime, refusing to give consent is not a crime, so even if they hold you for the spurious reason of not giving information, they can only hold you for 72 hours (unless they invoke the terrorism law), then they must charge you and take you to court or let you go. You cannot be kept in Jail (police cells) to serve a prison sentence.
By now both prison officers are ready to process me, this is how that went:

PO. “Can you read and sign this compact.”
Me. I read the ‘compact’ which states that I agree to comply with any lawful orders that any officer gives me (basically anything they say). That I must attend any meetings that they arrange for me e.g. probation, medical, shrinks, assessments for gym, arts class, prison board etc. That I consent to any and all cavity searches. All in all what most would describe as a contract consenting to slavery!
I turn to the PO and say “I’m not signing that contract”
PO. “It’s not a contract it’s a compact and I need you to sign it”
ME. “ What’s the difference between a contract and a compact”
PO. “urm”
Me. “It looks like a contract to me, and it has all the elements of a written contract”
I put my thumb over the letters C.O.M and ask him what the remainder of the word says.
PO. “err PACT”
Me. “Isn't a pact an agreement between two or more parties?”
PO. “Yes but…”
Me. “So it’s a contract then and I am not obliged to sign any contracts”
PO. “err.. hang on ..I'll just check..”

At this point a Dawn French Esque supervisor (S) entered the room.
S. to PO. “Everything OK?”
PO. “ er he won't sign the compact ma'am
S. to PO. Ignoring me completely “He has to”
PO. “He says he won’t”
S. Turning to me “You have to sign the compact”
Me. “I do not”
S. “You must sign”
Me. “I must not”
S. “If I order you to sign you have to sign”
Me. “Would that be a lawful order as mentioned in the compact”
S. “Yes”
Me. “Go on then”
S. “Right, I order you to sign the compact”
Me. “No, my signature is my private property and neither you, the Bailiff, the Queen, or anyone else can tell me what to do with my private property. I think you need to ask your superiors just what is and isn't a lawful order”
Needless to say I did not sign their compact.

From Black’s law dictionary;
Compact, n. An agreement or contract between persons,
nations or states. Commonly applied to working agreements
between and among states concerning matters of
mutual concern. A contract between parties, which
creates obligations and rights capable of being enforced,
and contemplated as such between the parties, in their
distinct and independent characters. A mutual consent
of parties concerned respecting some property or right
that is the object of the stipulation, or something that is
to be done or forborne.
It seems pretty clear to me that the government must have your consent to imprison you for any statutory offence.
So next time I will say absolutely nothing and do nothing they ask me to do, in fact, I'll refuse to leave the holding cell.
If you have committed a real crime you should do the time as Common Law must be adhered to by all for a society to function fairly and justly.
The overwhelming majority of prison officers treated me with respect, consideration, and were very helpful so I'd like to say thanks and hi to Lee, Alex, Paul, Chris, Maria, Andy, Craig, John, Alan, Mick and Nick there are some others whose names escape me for now.
I'll finish with a little anecdote that demonstrates the power of conditioning.
I had fallen asleep on my bunk whilst reading when there was a loud banging on my cell door, coming too, I heard someone say in a loud voice “stand-up” getting to my feet still half asleep the voice said “turn around and face the window” I did, then “put your hands on the window” just as I complied I thought WTF? and turned around to see two officers cracking up laughing, I must admit even I found it funny after I told them, intemperately, to go away.
Even semi-conscious, we tend to comply with the conditioning that has taught us to obey ‘authority’.

"RICHARD MURPHY - I don't trust Jersey, nobody else should either...."

Jersey offers to share tax standards with EU and OECD

Senator Ian Gorst said any plans to tighten tax rules
must be the same across the globe

Jersey's Chief Minister has offered to help develop corporation tax rules in a letter to the Prime Minister.
Senator Ian Gorst has replied to a demand from David Cameron for Crown Dependencies to do more to prevent tax evasion and avoidance.
The chief minister has also written to the OECD and the EU and offered to help develop global standards.
However, Richard Murphy from Tax Research UK said: "I don't trust Jersey, nobody else should either."
He claims when Jersey has been involved in shaping tax agreements in the past, it had done all it could to block attempts to end secrecy.
Mr Murphy said despite signing tax information exchange agreements with other countries, it was almost impossible to find out any information about companies operating from the island.
He said: "Jersey is trying to put a spanner in the works to ensure the wealthy and those who are hiding their assets from tax authorities will continue to be able to do so."

'World Bank recognition'
But Senator Gorst says Mr Murphy's criticisms were unfounded.
In his letter to the Prime Minister, Senator Gorst said: "The World Bank has recognised Jersey as a leader in setting standards for beneficial ownership information for tax purposes.
"We believe [these are standards] that most EU, G8, G20 and OECD countries have yet to match fully.
"We would be please to share our expertise and provide technical assistance to other countries."
Senator Gorst said any plans to tighten international tax rules must be the same across the globe.

"How Is Advice Like "JUST PLEAD GUILTY" Worth Millions Of Pounds?"

Jersey's government 'needs to help' with legal aid

Jersey's government needs to share the financial burden of legal aid, according to the Law Society.
The current system means lawyers are given legal aid cases on a rota for the first 15 years they practice.
The Jersey Law Society wants the States to help provide legal aid as all costs are currently absorbed by the solicitor working on the case.
Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, said he would set up a working group to look into the issue of legal aid.
Neville Benbow, from the society, said lawyers were providing advice worth millions of pounds free of charge, and the States should share some of the burden.

'Extraordinary burden'
"Over 100 legal aid certificates are issued every single month and that is an extraordinary burden on lawyers. We are seeing more pressures on litigation, we are seeing more pressures on the courts and on lawyers.
"It is a difficult one because the cost is significant and the cost is rising," he said.
Mr Benbow said people using Jersey's legal aid system would not always get the specialist help they needed.
Advocate Carl Parslow said having a tailored rota for legal aid would save money and reassure clients.
The current system allocates cases on an ad hoc basis regardless of a lawyer's area of expertise.
He said some Jersey solicitors were being pushed to the brink of financial ruin looking after complex legal aid cases.
"It could take many hundreds of hours to deal with and if one is looking at a very small law firm that could have a detrimental affect on their bottom line as they would be working 100% on that case," he said.