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Sunday, 14 April 2013

"Who Voted This Moron In? Who Pays This Moron? Who Wants This Moron Running The Health Service?"

"YOU" - That's Who!!!

Anne Pryke - Halfwit Extraordinaire

Gary Burgess: "How do you know they are kept securely when you don't know where they are?"

Anne Pryke: "That's really a computer question"



It's over people, return to your State Worship....Nothing to see here

Electronic patient records "are safe"

Jersey's Health minister has been forced to admit she has no idea where confidential electronic patient records are kept.

The revelation came to light in a government meeting to question health bosses on a range of issues.

The hospital chief executive also confirmed she didn't know where the data was stored.

Health and Social Services have moved quickly to reassure islanders that the information is safe and secure.

When questioned about the location of computer servers, Health Minister Deputy Anne Pryke said: "I'm not computer literate, well not that brilliant, so that's a question I'll go back and ask them and find out exactly where they're kept. I do know they're kept very securely because we take all patients records, they are very confidential."

And that lack of knowledge has raised eyebrows at the government's health watchdog.

The chairman of the Health Scutiny (Scutiny? Would that be "Scrutiny" morons?) committee Deputy Kristina Moore said: "We are rather perplexed as to why they don't know where this information is being held now that they are moving to server-based patient details."

There's no evidence of data breaches or a lack of security, and after this lack of knowledge was exposed, Health officials moved quickly to confirm the information's kept at a secret location on island and definitely not overseas.

But it does highlight, in a digital age, that the security of confidential patient information is a sensitive and important issue.

Three sites lined up for the new hospital

THREE sites have been shortlisted as potential locations for Jersey’s new hospital, Health Minister Anne Pryke has revealed.
Speaking during a Scrutiny hearing yesterday, Deputy Pryke revealed that a shortlist had now been drawn up, but declined to reveal the locations.
However, it is known that one of the locations is the current hospital site, while others are rumoured to be on the Waterfront and possibly at an out-of-town location.

"Secrecy Is The Word"
An out of town, town hospital? That's just brilliant from these mindless clowns!
Another corker is a hospital on the waterfront, "THE WATERFRONT"!!! That cesspit of toxic substances seeping back to poison those idiots who put it there, and of course, the innocent public who opposed the poisoning of this land....

"You Just Couldn't Make This Shit Up"


  1. At the forthcoming hijacked referendum PLEASE use BOTH votes.

    e.g. A #1 ......... AND ........ C #2

    Voting C as 2nd choice is NOT a vote against A because your 2nd vote does not count unless your first choice is knocked out in the first count,

    Your 2nd choice vote ONLY counts if your first is knocked out ...... USE IT !

    Do you want B to win because you didn't use your backup vote?

    The current system (i.e. "C") is bad and undemocratic but least it is not "B", which is worse !!!!!!

    I will vote A & C and hope that our politicians do the right and fair thing and adapt the result into something that respects
    democratic principles like "A" but retains enough members for the much needed scrutiny function.
    Perhaps have 7 Deputies per district (totalling 48) or maybe keep the Senators.
    (keeping the island wide mandate is essential if the Chief Minister is going to get more powers)

    The hijacked electoral commission has given us hijacked choices.
    No change, or an elected dictatorship - a crass and immoral plan.

    1. What has this got to do with the posting? Furthermore, who gives a rats ass about the hijacked electoral commission? If you do not consent to their diatribe, it does not concern you. If you are stupid enough to register to vote, that is your consent to be governed by this shower of shyte, and you deserve everything you get. As Stuart so frequently remarks, "The Government You Deserve"....

  2. Is this the same moron who leads the same health service that saved your life and the same health service that you do not contribute a penny to ?

    1. Fuck me Jon, your up early!!! You run out of Stella boy?

      This lunatic did fuck all to save my life, my care was down to some underpaid and abused nurses and doctors, nothing else.

      And if you think I have not contributed to healthcare, you are as stupid as I know you are. Every single item I have ever purchased has been subject to 100% tax, all money ends up as nothing but tax, wherever it is spent. Didn't you know that?

      My biggest regret of all was having the operation that cost the tax payer of Jersey a God damned fortune. That will become plain to all of you in a couple of weeks when I do my BIG posting about the health services of the U.K and the utter deception that embroils governments and Big Pharma.

      Until then dipshit!!!

  3. Ian. That thing beating away in your chest was a gift from the jersey taxpayers, so keep your responses coherent and desist from nasty responses. You will be claiming next that you were stitched up at OUR hospital just like you claimed you were stitched up by OUR police force.
    As your fellow dickhead would say
    The treatment you didn't deserve. Ha

    1. Good gravy, it's not Jon!

      It's our other trolligarchy, long time, no hear asswipe....

      And by the way, that "thing" as you call it, beating away in my chest, is there by the grace of God, how can tax payers create a heart you silly little man?

    2. And who is our other Trolligarchy? Why, it's Mr Le Gallais, AKA Jon, but not Jon as in the real Jon, just in the third party mode Jon, the alter ego that could be Jon, but isn't sure if it is Jon or not. Jeeeez you schizo, you must have an awfully heavy load to dump each day of your miserable existence!

  4. Do you think that the doctors and nurses who saved your life may possibly be underpaid because people like you and Syvret use their skills but do not contribute a penny towards their salaries

    1. They didn't save my life, they assisted me when I was in need. I had a warning attack brought on by wankers like Bowron, Birt, Bailhaches and Le Cock, and all the weak pathetic sheep who do their bidding and bullying at the drop of a hat....Are you really that pathetically out of line with the flow of the Universe that you don't understand corruption?

  5. Not posting any more of your shit Jon, get your mangy ass back to the Cover up TV and BBC FBook pages, you are not welcome anywhere else. Toodle pip loser!!!

  6. Jon Sharrock Haworth, interbred troll, oh sorry, internet troll, read all about him RIGHT HERE.

    Go to comment no-4 on our top 100 trolling X-mas special we compiled on this freak, he expresses his view on the insignificance of young children being abused, and those who stand up for them.

    Or perhaps go to comment 72 where he comments about Fiona Lord, who drowned herself after her father's death, and Haworth presumes that I should have beaten and fucked this poor lady!!!

    Even maybe comment 79 where he is clearly in sympathy with child rapist Jimmy Savile.

    Comment 45 shows that Haworth despises anyone who stands for abuse victims rights, for example VFC, Rico, or Stuart Syvret.

    No 52 is a weeze, this twisted scum accuses VFC, a happily married man with children, of being a homosexual?

    Or we can skip back to No 40 where the racist twat does a number on Rico Sorda because Rico has some Italian blood in him!

    Comment 100 does it for me though, this asshole spends his entire life slagging us bloggers off then tells me he loves me!!! Your woman not exciting you enough these days Jon? You going all faggoty on us?

    1. And thanks for the comment you have just sent Jon, I will be stashing it with the 5,000 + comments you have sent the bloggers over the last couple of years. A nice little surprise for your child when it gets older, just to show the kid what a real man his father is, you utter tosser....Keep digging that hole fool.

  7. Anne Pryke is both the Health Minister and my Parish Deputy in Trinity, but when i phoned her desperate for some help in getting the correct treatment which i was being denied for my severe depression problems (which i've had since i was a young child) she said "what do expect me to do about it?"!!

    She certainly will not be getting my vote..

  8. Ian,this is a very worrying post for two reasons. Firstly, that our medical records are stored electronically and the so called "health minister" has no idea of where. In the uk it has now been shown that NHS patient records are held by SERCO and they have been proven to alter these records. So who has access to our private medical records?, who holds them and since this is Jersey whats to stop someone tampering with them? If I had been treated for depression, what happens if I get on the wrong side of someone in authority and they change my records to state i'm a homicidal maniac? No paper copies to prove my records have been altered.
    Secondly, back to homicidal maniacs, sad to see the troll is alive and well.
    On another point, I was talking to an ex policeman recently, who told me people would be shocked if they knew how many people's phones are presently being bugged by soj's finest. They bugged one of his friends phone and when he went to jersey telecom to complain as he'd done nothing wrong, they said they couldn't discuss it with him due to "data protection issues". Says it all doesn't it?
    Ignore the trolls complaining that you were privy to treatment unfairly, they are just tossers caught up in the system and envious of anyone with the balls to be outside of it. This world is a better place for you being in it.

    1. 'D' You make some very good points, nice to see you are doing your homework with great diligence, well done.

  9. In early December 2012 I attended my doctor with a problem with the skin on my leg it was causing myself and family quite some concern, he told me that he would refer me to the specialist at the hospital right away, saying that it could be skin cancer but try not to worry, in January 2013, I received a letter from the hospital saying that as soon as an appointment becomes available they will let me know please note we are now "smokefree" no smoking is permitted in our buildings or on our grounds. ( Thanks for explaining to this pleb what is ment by smokefree)yours sincerely, not signed ie Mr Nobody, in other words carry on worrying about your condition. Today is the 14/04/13 and I have heard nothing. I don't think we really need a new hospital I think we need a new person with some qualifications on how to run a hospital. and I mean no disrespect to the Nurses, but I do have a problem with some Doctors holding surgeries in other countries such as Switzerland and working these in with their duties in Jersey. that's why we have such delays, yes the Minister says when asked, that we have enough hospital specialists but she dose not say they spend certain days of the week at their surgeries in other countries. Hence the back log, someone should ask her questions in the states about these specialists and how much time they actually spend in our hospital,OH and please no questions which involve computers. There needs to be a bloody good shake up.

  10. I work at the hospital and i heard one day a doctor shout from he's
    office is there no bloody beds in this hospital i have a patient dying and no bloody one has a bed perhaps i will send her home to die then.


    Any ideas what happened with the above?

    1. Afraid not anon, like so many stories of corruption and wrongdoing in Jersey, they surface, then disappear forever in the blue yonder

  12. To the "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" comment, I said to Cyril that no way you had sent that, I knew you wouldn't write like that....

    Of course, it's that wanker Haworth again