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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

"The N.W.O. - Agenda 21 Finally Hits Jersey"

"Not Through My Fucking Door You Don't"

So....Agenda 21 is here, in sunny sleepy little Jersey.

Who would have thought it hey?
Well, me, Cyril, Phil, and a few other critical thinkers with the ability to reason.

"What Is Agenda 21?"

Your just going to have to watch the video to find out fully as I'm not going through it all again. But basically, Agenda 21 is where the government of your country gets you to sign their contracts (usually tacitly) written in Legalese which most of you haven't a hope of understanding, then they rob your house and land. Not only your house and land though, they also get to rob your rights (what's left of them) and freedom, then force you into government slavery.

What's this got to do with Jersey? Agenda 21 is a worldwide phenomenon being activated as we speak, although America has been suffering it for a few years now. People cheated out of their farmland and houses in a bid to grab all the farming land along a 48 degree latitude.

"He who controls food, controls the world" right?

Dr Rima Laibow used this very phrase in the video posting I did two days ago.

Below we have today's paper cutting on the States of Jersey's new plan to legally raid your home looking for what exactly? weapons, information, drugs, maybe even organic food.

"Organic food???"

Yes, organic food. Simply Youtube the amount of people in America who have been raided and imprisoned for growing organic food!!!

Well, jersey is now proposing it's version which the filthy rag printed today.


Speaking of the lawful right to work and rent! See link below
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The AGENDA 21 video can be seen at the link directly below

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  1. If they try to come through my door they'll need health and bloody safety.

    1. There will be no choice for you anon if you sign any contract with them, end of!!!

      My advice to you is to tell them to ram their work and housing Identity Card up their assholes as that is probably where the contract will lie.

  2. The public consultation period ends today after two months of feedback,isn't it funny how we the public never heard a word about it until today.Nazi Jersey.

    1. Faux outrage from the JEP

      The Beano is not the Rag

  3. Notice how they dress it up for the people by saying it's for our benefit and in our interests....Exactly like they did when writing AGENDA 21 and then rampaged through everyones homes stealing their guns, land, and anything else they deemed worthy. It is a way to gain legal entry to your home....NOTHING MORE.


  5. I was seriously about to put into action plan B which was a flat extension built on to my house, so that when I am retired fully, I can rent out my property, to help my pension which is just the States basic.

    The way Jerseys going forget it. Unless you are extremely well heeled or a states worker on big pension this place is just to expensive. Now to give themselves more work under the plastic banner of being green or the old safety rules con, that change on an almost weekly basis, they want to invade your privacy and tell you what to do in your own home. Well done Constable Rondel and f off Anne Pryke and her pr*ck of an assistant John Refault. Make peoples lives better you mean like Hitler said he would. F off idiots.

    The chances of me staying here are very slim indeed, maybe if the UK comes in and takes over stopping the local corrupt loonies, ego bastards from making laws like this. Even then it will probably be to late.

    1. As I keep saying anon, it is a globalist agenda, they use Jersey as a testing ground, the UK is little dfferent now. None compliance is the only peaceful way forward mate.

  6. I saw this post and thought i'd woken up in an alternative reality. The first paragraph of the rag's article shows what is partly behind this idea, "Could leave residents facing fines".So now we are going to have the Health and Safety police accompanied by the Green police knocking on our doors and according to this article, possibly forcibly entering our homes on the pretext that someone may have left a tap running or we might not be using the state recommended low energy lightbulbs. Well they can f**k off as far as I'm concerned. I don't buy in to their global warming bullshit and I will live how I want to in my own home. This comes on the back of the story about Nestle's ceo saying we don't have a right to free water. These infingements of our basic rights are now happening on a daily basis and most folk I speak to say "well it's in our best interests, the government are trying to protect us from global warming and the terrorists" WTF WAKE UP YOU STUPID SHEEP!!!! This is one step too far, and I would warn anyone entering my home forcibly, with or without a warrant, that it is highly unlikely that they would be leaving it in one peice!! Where are all the voices of protest, where are the calls to rally against this? Yet again the islanders sit back and winge but do nothing. It's time we all withdrew any implied consent to be governed by this bunch of corrupt arseholes. I admit we have a few in the states who do want to help us but look what happens to them, castigated by the local media and the old boys network who think they own us. I'm so angry today I could rant on, sorry Ian.

    1. You rant away 'D' all you like, that was one of the most knowledgeable, sensible, appropriate comments I have ever had on this blog. They will wake up when it's too late, but that is their lookout. Those of us with the knowledge must press on so a few of us are having a chat this week to see if we can arrange a meeting to discuss these matters and how to assert our inalienable rights effectively.

  7. And so they keep edging closer and closer. The people behind Agenda 21 who and what are they? Now many have looked at me sideways when i have discussed this face to face. I have drawn a conclusion out of the facts i have researched and observations made on life experience. Please tell me if I'm wrong and why if you disagree. I'm at a loss to find another earthly species that has evolved as we have. All others are in symbiotic harmony with creation/cycle of life. We are NOT. To say we are compassionate loving people is false if it were true why is life like this, we should all be only excepting peace and harmony for all everywhere? If someone was to attack you would you not raise your arm to defend yourself? Where is the boundry of you body your conciousness where do you end and I begin. That said, why would the earth create a species like us for what purpose? What is the lodgic behind Man/Woman.
    I believe the earth made a creature not so different physically from us, call it what you like the major difference was and still is it lives in harmony with the planet.
    So where did the destructive suicidal element enter the Man/Woman? The earth would not of manifested its own destruction so who? In a Sherlock Holmes type way there is only one answer and much evidence. It's plane to see when the blinkers are taken off we are hybrids with DNA form other off world species. We were an experiment, there is obviously intent behind the splicing of DNA and can be seen through our evolution. It is evident that to dominate and control was high on the agenda as it is on ours. I believe there were several attempts at a new version of being with varying DNA information activated. I believe there was mistakes and attempts to erase those mistakes. There is much evidence of this.
    Those with the highest amounts of foreign DNA I believe are behind the likes of Agenda 21.
    This raises the question of racism but only in the eyes of those who see difference, who want to control to dominate.
    There has been an experiment we are the product through our evolution this is the result. Where do you/we want to go now? Action speaks louder than words : ) We are ONE
    Phil Skinner

  8. Sad thing is all of the Legal Bar know about this and do nothing about it. They think they might get a free pass.. No such luck . Agenda 21 doesn't give a shit if you have £20 or £2 million pounds, your going to be effected period.

  9. The unfortunate facts of life are that everyone else wants someone else to fight a case like this for them. The other fact is that most people are too busy trying to make ends meet to even start to understand how this will affect them and their families in later life.

    What about an old couple who have scrapped and saved all their life for a house to live and can’t afford the upkeep as they get older?

    Are the health police going to compulsory purchase the land and house or just take it because its not been maintained?

    What will happen if you refuse to accept an ID card? Will the firms be legally allowed to let you work? What about the purchase of property? Will the lawyer still carry out the work?

    This is a hideous piece of law that will impact on everyone and will mean the end of democracy, if any ever existed in Jersey as we know it.

    What can be done to prevent this from happening?

    1. If nobody accepts this bullshit, and doesn't register, how can it be implemented? It can't.

      You already have the right to work and rent property, why would anyone need permission from these wankers?

      It is just more statutory bullshit laws to get you all to comply and in contract with government, wake up sheeple.

    2. I couldn't agree more.