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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

"The Mortgage Scam - What You Don't Know"

Renewed call for affordable housing

The Constable of St Brelade is urging the States to provide more housing that more islanders can afford.

Steve Pallett's call comes following a new development in La Moye where homes have been earmarked for young couples and low income families.

But with each property costing in excess of £350,000, Constable Pallett says a fresh drive to build homes that are available for £250,000 or less is needed.

ITV News has spoken to a number of islanders who cannot currently afford to get onto the property ladder, but say they could do so if they were able to buy for about £250,000.

The Housing Department say they are working in conjunction with Planning to identify sites where new, more affordable homes can be built.

"The Mortgage Scam"


Winston Shrout (USA)
Bill Turner (NZ)

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