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Saturday, 6 April 2013

"Sarah Groves - Murdered In India - RIP Young Lady"

Local woman found murdered in Kashmir

Sarah Elizabeth Groves

A woman found stabbed to death on a houseboat in Kashmir has been named as 24-year-old Sarah Groves from Guernsey. A Dutch man, who was apparently also staying in the houseboat, has been arrested. Investigations so far have not shown that the two knew each other. The boat was on the picturesque Dal Lake in the city of Srinagar. 

Local police say Sarah had been living there for two months. Her body has been sent for a post-mortem examination. The man under arrest has been namd as 43-year-old Dutch tourist, Richard De-Wit. He was found 75km from the houseboat.

Guerney Police made the following statement: "On the 6th April 2013,Guernsey Police received information via the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London that Sarah Elizabeth Groves, a twenty four year old local woman had been found dead on a houseboat in the Kashmir district of India. Miss Groves had been travelling in India.

Family members have been informed and it is requested that their privacy be respected at this difficult time. Guernsey Police are currently liasing with the relevant overseas authorities in order to establish further information."

Miss Groves, from Guernsey, was 24 years old and had been staying on the New Beauty houseboat, one of hundreds of old British floating hotels on the side of Srinagar's celebrated Dal Lake, for 25 days.
The owner, G.M Shoda, said he and the victim had become friends and she was "like a daughter" to him.
Miss Groves and the Dutch tourist were the only guests staying on the houseboat and had been sitting on the deck until midnight when she went to bed.
Later, at around 2.30 in the morning, the owner's sons heard an argument and screams, and went to investigate.
They said they saw the Dutch tourist leaving the houseboat in a traditional shikara rowing boat and that he capsized and swam to the shore. They then found the victim lying dead in a pool of blood in her room with multiple stab wounds.
Kashmir's Deputy Inspector-General, Afad ul-Mujtaba, told The Telegraph that a Dutch national, Richard De Wit, was arrested for the murder after police stopped a taxi in Qazi Gund, just under 50 miles from Srinagar, at around 4am this morning. However, the son of the houseboat owner, named locally as Samir Shoda, is also being questioned by police as well.
Mr Mujtaba said reports that the victim had been raped were unconfirmed and that detectives would not know more until a post-mortem had been carried out.
People convicted of rape and murder in India can face the death penalty. Last month India passed new tougher laws and sentences for sexual offences following the national outcry over the gang rape and murder of a 23 year-old student in Delhi.
Since then two foreign tourists have been attacked, a Swiss woman who was gang-raped as she and her husband camped overnight during a cycling holiday in central India, and a British woman who jumped two floors from her Agra hotel room to flee an alleged sexual assault by the manager.
The police said the British victim and the Dutch suspect had not been friendly with each other and although they were both sitting on the houseboat deck on Saturday night, they had not spoken to each other.
"The girl went to sleep at about 12 o'clock and the Dutch man was outside until 12.30am," Mr Mujtaba said.
"After that everyone, including the houseboat owner and staff went to sleep. At around 2.30am, they [the owner and his son] heard some cries, possibly some quarrelling."
A knife was found near the victim's body and there was evidence that her room door had been forced open, police added.

"By knowing, that when we truly love, it is never lost. It is only after death that the depth of the bond is truly felt and our loved one becomes more a part of us than was possible in life."


  1. Another beautiful young life needlessly ended. Our thoughts are with family and friends at this dreadful time. R.I.P Sarah xxx

    Respects from the Jersey Bloggers.

  2. If anyone would like to leave a message of condolence for Sarah's family and friends, please visit the link HERE....Many thanks.