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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

"Plea To Gardeners? - Plea To The N.W.O. More Like! - Check Out Chemtrails"

Help our bees plea to gardeners?

The recent cold weather wasn't just keeping islanders indoors, but honey bees too were reluctant to venture out.

And that has been adding to the range of problems bees have been facing - cold wet summers, American Foulbrood disease and insecticides.

Now bee-keepers are calling on gardeners for help.

It should be one of the busiest times for bees, but the exceptionally cold weather has kept them inside their hives, relying on keepers for their survival.

Even though warmer days lie ahead, the threat to bees doesn't end. In additional to natural threats in our gardens like birds and spiders, there is another- insecticides.

Bee keepers are pleading with gardeners to be vigilant when they buy insecticides- to ensure the products don't pose a danger to beneficial insects, like bees.

On the plus side the current outbreak of American Foulbrood seems to be abating, with only one colony having to be destroyed in the inspections last year.


The shit the New World Order have been spraying on us for the last 25 years might have a little more to do with bee's dying than cold weather and a few bee bugs!!!

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