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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"Only £750's Worth Of Justice For Poor Dita Paverniece"

Head injuries caused Latvian woman's death

Dita Paverniece - Victim of Jersey

An inquest has today ruled that 27-year-old Dita Pavarniece died as a result of head injuries sustained in a car crash on St Clement’s Coast Road.

Niall Linden, the driver of the car was acquitted of death by dangerous driving due to a lack of evidence back in August last year.

The Irishman was driving on St Clement's Coast Road in February last year, when his Lotus Elise skidded out of control.

Linden, 36, was fined £750 for careless driving and given a 12 month ban. The passenger Ms Pavarniece suffered a fatal head injury.

As well as paying the fine, Mr Linden will have to retake his test at the end of his year's driving ban.

Killer - Niall Linden

30 mph - My Arse


  1. In case we all forget Ian, Nial Lindens expensive lawyer costs actually cost him nothing. The judge ordered all his legal costs to refunded by the Jersey Tax payer.

    Weird or what ?

  2. Hi Ian.
    Speech of Senator Maclean, tells us the commission have given us a load of Cr*p. no one could of but it better & we weren't expecting this to come for him!

    You & your readers can Listen HERE