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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

"New World Order - And Jersey's Pigs - Already Know About Free Energy!"

Cloudy future for island's

renewable energy

Channel Island governments are looking into plans to exploit the Bailiwick’s natural resources to meet future energy needs.

But Jersey Deputy, Gerard Baudains is against the plans.

The St Clement deputy is calling for an outright ban on any plans for offshore wind farms. 

In his proposition, he says he is alarmed by Met Office wind measuring masts on the island's offshore reefs and he is worried this might lead to the installation of wind turbines on 
Les Ecréhous or Les Minquiers.

Deputy Baudains has given many reasons to his opposition.

"The wind-farm at Carteret is enough of an eyesore; and that’s 15 miles away. And that’s not to mention the noise such turbines make, the danger to wildlife and the fact that, despite costing a fortune, they are little more than useless, so it could be argued they exist solely as a sop to the green lobby."

Jersey's Planning and Environment Minister Rob Duhamel says it's highly unlikely that wind farms would be built on designated RAMSA sites, as commercial development is discouraged there. 

Although he says exploring future use of renewable energy is very important. "Any energies that can be usefully exploited in our waters or above them are useful to the economy and I think we're duty bound to actually consider whether or not we could harness those powers, which would be to our economic and environmental benefit."

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