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Friday, 26 April 2013

"More Illegal Acts Proposed From Our Government Lunatics"

Crackdown call on the street drinkers
Crazy Woman Deputy Jackie Hilton

PEOPLE who drink and take drugs on the streets of St Helier should have their benefits cut if they refuse to seek help for their addiction, says a St Helier Deputy.
Deputy Jackie Hilton has called for an immediate crackdown on street drinkers and believes that the States should get tough by threatening to remove aid.
She highlighted the area of the General Hospital as a particular area for concern and said that the States had been too soft for too long with alcoholics congregating near Parade Gardens.
The director of the States Alcohol and Drug Service, Michael Gafoor, said that alcoholics could be helped only if they voluntarily sought assistance.
The director of the States Alcohol and Drug Service, Michael Gafoor


  1. do they realize it will kill some not to have alcohol ? i am not an alcoholic and i am lucky but we can all be pushed over the edge for some reason even all the so called goodies in the land , change the stigma that we have against depresion alcahole and stress related illness . eomf

  2. i wonder how much of the states members "expenses" is spent on bottles of expensive wine,in hugely expensive restaurants,where they drive there hugely expensive cars to,and can park free anywhere in town,even in the multi story car parks :-)