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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

"Health - Part 5"

"The Bob Beck Protocol"

This is the full version of the Bob Beck Protocol lecture - almost 2h long but full of so much good stuff. This video just had to be immortalised after Bob's death so people all over the world can help themselves to inexpensive and highly effective treatments rather than put our trust in the corrupt and useless health industry. 

What if someone could come up with a simple system costing pennies to eliminate all pathogens including the HIV virus - do you think the world would jump at it - wrong! That means a cure for all diseases including cancer and leukaemia. Well that's exactly what Dr Steven Kaali invented - a simple blood electrification system that kills all known pathogens and got a patent in just six months. This was such a threat to the Big Pharma that they went to all sorts of trouble in order stop this incredible invention leaking out to the public. This really incensed Dr Robert (Bob) Beck who decided to do something about this corruption and came up with the his own Bob Beck protocol which does not need the removal of blood from the body like Dr Kaali's invention and published the schematics to his machines on the interent (which went viral) before he died a few years later. I wish Dr Rife had done the same thing instead of trying to patent a technology that was un-patentable but enormous benefit to mankind - greed always gets the better of us don't you think?

Bob talking about the four major pieces of equipment is below
Link to Bob's machine

Info on using the Protocol, and a list of do's and don'ts.

The Beck Protocol


  1. James H. MetaphorMay 07, 2013 6:12 pm

    This is fascinating. I have often wondered about why people can continue to put on weight, seemingly without limit. From a biological and evolutionary viewpoint, there is no reason for it. There is no benefit to be gained by carrying so much extra fat that you become unable to gather food. You should only be able to gain enough fat to support yourself through a lean period, not enough to create a lean period as a result. Even with today's easy access to food, there is no reason for these people to continue gaining weight indefinately.
    The idea that it is caused by parasites feeding on the fat, sending signals to your body to store more fat then you need, seems plausible, as nature has shown many similarly abnormal reactions to parasites. For example, there is a parasite in frogs that causes them to grow extra limbs during the transformation from tadpole to frog, making them easier to catch for storks, because the parasite lives in frogs, but requires a stork's digestive tract to lay its eggs.
    Much of the claims this doctor makes seem entirely reasonable, and assuming there is evidence (for example other patients that have been cured, like those he refers to), there is no logical reason to ignore his claims, unless you don't want people to be cured. This is just more proof that the medical industries don't want to cure people, they want to sell drugs to them. It makes me sick.

  2. James H. MetaphorMay 07, 2013 8:48 pm

    It's interesting about the Death Wish too, religion is heavily geared towards how great it is to die, as long as you've been good, and obeyed all the rules. The two things religion encourages: obedience and death. Just what people DON'T need to be taught. No wonder Christians are so anti-suicide. If I was told I'd get eternal pleasure and happiness when I died, as long as I didn't sin, I'd want to die as soon as possible, before I had the chance. But what I don't understand is why so few christians are risking their lives being heroes, like firemen. If I believed in their religion, I'd been risking my life all the time, trying to save lives and help people, so that I could die as soon as possible and get to heaven.
    Just one more way the people are kept in line, sadly.
    People need to wake up and relaise that they have a right to live. There is more then enough room for everyone, and more then enough resources, as long as we organise it properly. We could share the workload out, with everyone doing half as much as they are now, and still getting paid just as much, if it wasn't for the greed of a few.