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Sunday, 21 April 2013

"Health - Part 2"

"Cancer - The Forbidden Cures"


  1. James H. MetaphorApril 21, 2013 10:57 pm

    This is an incredible story, the government and big corporations have been lying to us, and stopping people from curing the sick, in order to make money? Oh, wait. It's the government, and big corporations, of course they're lying to us, and selling us out to make money. (Although its funny how, when its one of them who gets sick, they come running to the "quacks" for help.) It's just like Orwell predicted, a government keeping its people afraid, in order to stop them rising up against the oppression. The easiest way to change things is to put the poorest among us in charge of us, and watch how quickly everyone becomes treated fair and equal, rather then the richest among us who have a huge vested interest in making the rich even richer, clearly. In this case people need to say screw capitilism and demand a law saying that no-one can own the rights to medicines. People's health is too important to be for sale. The whole point of the idea behind the NHS in britain and free healthcare in the US was to ensure that everyone would have access to what they needed to make them better. Why are we still letting people charge money to the government (which pays with OUR money), to buy the cures we need to treat the sick? Its about time we DEMAND the government passes a law ordering these companies to make this stuff and sell it AT COST, or for free. There should be limits on the profits that can be made by any company selling the essentials that people need to survive, like food, water, electric and shelter (housing).
    Thank you for sharing this with us, I'll be sure to pass it on to people I know.

  2. Thanks JHM, but Orwell was one of them, an oligarchy, how do you think he knew all this? He was around it all his life mixing with these scum. The NHS is being privatised shortly, after 2015 there will be no free healthcare in Britain, they have already sold the ambulance service to a German company. It is not capitalism either, it's all going to communism, that is the N.W.O plan. And if you think this posting shocking, wait till you see the next three!

  3. Ian, I watched this last night and was so blown away by it that I had to wait until this morning to get my thoughts in enough order to comment.I work in a medical field and for many years I have become more and more disillusioned with how little healing we are actualy doing nowdays,and how much more money we insist people spend on so called "preventative medicine" which is all a con. I used to be asked to attend new drug cpd meetings by Phizer and Bowringer and their ilk, but I soon made myself very unpopular with them as I asked too many questions and argued with them about their findings and the need for their products. I also annoyed collegues when I suggested that we stocked the drugs and products that came fron the company who offered us the most freebies and the biggest mark up. My career was sidelined then but I didn't care, I continue to ask people to challenge what they are being prescribed and to look in to an alternative naturel remedy, often with success. This video and partly the one before it, say what I have been trying to tell people for years. You can cure so much with the carrect species appropriate diet. If man eats a diet of 80% raw veg and 20% raw fruit his body will be too alkaline for candida to take over and he will feel as good as nature intended him to. I could say so much more but will wait for the next videos with great anticipation. Thank you Ian firstly for finding this info and putting it all together and secondly for putiing it all out there where so many can see it.

  4. That news is dynamite Ian. Careful it doesn't blow up in your face. Perhaps you should get Stuart to prepare a case and take it to the high courts in London.

  5. James H. MetaphorApril 22, 2013 6:51 pm

    I know Orwell was one of them, but that just makes what he says that much more relevant. It's like a hollywood villain detailing his plans for world domination, and the hero sitting, listening and watching as he takes over the world, saying "Wow, he's really gonna do that, and now he IS doing it, and he's done it. I really should have done something to stop him." We should have stopped them long ago, but people were trying to play their way instead of standing up to them and saying No.
    I am aware that the NHS etc are being privitised and it disgusts me. Like I said the idea behind it was to ensure everyone had the healthcare they needed, no matter what, but someone put a rich person in charge and, not surprisingly, things went badly.
    As for capitilism vs communism, either could be used to make a good model, but the moment you put a rich person in charge of the system, things go wrong and the poor get the bad side of every deal. Personally I think capitilism is a flawed system - "No man can make a million dollars honestly" as they say. In order to make money, you have to cheat someone else out of it, or earn it fairly by working hard. People who are rich cannot have done enough hard work to have earned their money fairly, so that just leaves one option for them to have obtained it. The problem with N.W.O is not which system they beat the poor down with, its the fact that they are planning to beat the poor with any system, at all.
    Going back to the video, I especially liked the part where they mentioned the hindu bible stating that cancer was caused by a fungus, as I'm reasonably certain this is the book that "ancient astronaut" theorists use as evidence. This is beacause it speaks of the "gods", who they state are beings who came from the stars in huge vehicles (like aliens in UFOs), and fighting wars using weapons that are described as being very similar to atomic/nuclear weaponry, and the good "gods" gave the humans some access to advanced technology, medicine and science, and if these aliens told humans thousands of years that cancer was a fungus, and we have just proved that its true, then its reasonable to assume it is true.
    Looking forward to all your upcoming posts. Keep up the good work. Glad that there are people on this island trying to find the truth and spread it.

    1. That is one of the best comments ever on this blog, the factor that makes it so is the aliens section, people are just so enclosed and out of touch with reality that they cannot possibly conceive the thought that perhaps we are not the only clowns in the Universe.

      Out of all possible creation anywhere, we useless morons are the only one's that can possibly exist??? PMSL :)

      We are nothing compared to what has been out there for Millennia.