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Thursday, 18 April 2013

"Dita Paverniece Cover Up - Have Jersey Got Away With It?"

"Digging In The Dirt"

Artis Zandmanis, Dita Pavarniece's Step-Father

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"Facts Or Fictions?"

Why will Linden not tell Mr Zandmanis and Dita's family exactly what happened? You would think it would be the very least he could do to ease their pain and grief, but no, the gutless wanker is keeping well quiet, I wonder why?

Why, according to the States of Jersey Police, was it impossible to ascertain the speed the vehicle was traveling at?

Why was it not possible for the parties concerned to even agree in which direction the vehicle was traveling? It's pretty bloody fundamental stuff isn't it?

What evidence did the three cops offer to reject the assertion of Vivian Snell in regard to the direction the vehicle was traveling in?

Why is outside investigative evidence always rejected in Jersey?

Why would someone tell me that Linden exited the vehicle with his penis hanging out?

Why would that person not inform the police and the inquest of this evidence?

Why did someone inform me to my face that a forensic examination had taken place with regard to the allegation of oral sex taking place at the time of the crash?

Why have no doctors or nurses come forward to substantiate this assertion?

I understand that Advocate Sue Pearmaine was one of the first on the scene, what exactly was her evidence?

Why would an honorary cop, sat in a pub in St Martin, tell a friend that it was Frank Walkers son who was involved in the crash?

Was Linden a stepson of Frank Walker?

Who exactly is, Anne Therese McKeown?

Who is Colm MacGiolla Fhiondain?

Why have I been told by telephone that the car was registered to Frank Walker?

Oddly enough, I went down to the motor traffic office today. I spoke to a young lady about how to find out the name of the registered owner of a vehicle that had been involved in a crash. She gave me a form to fill in and explained that there was a charge of (I think) £8.25, I would then be given the details that I had requested.

After informing the young lady that I was after the name of the registered owner of the Lotus that had crashed on St Clement coast road, I was then told that the information I was looking for was discretionary and subject to data protection issues.

I said to her that I believed it was registered to Frank Walker, she went ashen faced.

Just then, one of her work colleagues came over and said that there was NO WAY that I would be given that information, I was then advised not to pay the £8.25 as it would be a waste of money!


  1. The "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" comment was very interesting, many thanks anon.

  2. "Linden has since left Jersey and did not attend the inquest".

    Two comments about that.

    Firstly, I'm pretty sure I saw him walking down Conway Street at 9am about a month ago, with a beanie hat on. He might have "left" but will he be "back soon" ?

    Secondly, the Viscount has the power to issue a summons to attend an inquest. Why was he not summonsed, regardless of his current abode?

  3. If this guy has changed his name, I wonder how it would have appeared on the paper work at the inquest? in relation to that stated at the time of the accident, which name would they have used?

    1. I don't think anyone is suggesting that Niall Linden has changed his name, are they?

      A retired teacher (likely to be aged 50+) formerly known as Colm Linden, did change his surname from Linden in 2009, that is what I read. Colm Linden was married to Anne Therese Mckeown, aged 55-59, who has shared an address with a Colm and Niall Linden.

      Any Gaelic spelling experts out there? Does Colm MacGiolla Phiondain mean Colm Michael Linden, in Gaelic?

    2. Correct anon, the way I see things is this.

      One day after the accident, an honorary cop asserts that the driver is Walkers son.

      I receive a phone call telling me that a friend at the motor traffic office has confirmed to this person that Walker was the registered owner of the lotus.

      It would take someone with huge resources to orchestrate something of the magnitude that this cover up is!

      My link to Mrs McKeown was an anonymous tip off, and one that shows a Niall Linden to have been living there with Mrs McKeown.

      Colm is obviously the former husband of Anne, but I am a little puzzled as to why both Colm and Anne both have different surnames to Linden? it appears that the kids are all named Linden....Why?

      The crux of the matter is this. Was Anne one of Walker's former wives? Or did Walker have a relationship with her? Was Niall Linden Walkers stepson? Or was he an illegitimate child of Walker?

      And finally, there is always the possibility that Anne Therese McKeown, and the Niall Linden that are registered at the address in Belfast could quite easily be nothing to do with any of this. After all, it was an anonymous tip off....

      I simply must remember to ask Phick Phil Bailhache if I can borrow his shovel.

      I will be able to dig a lot quicker with a shovel that size, and Phil, well Phil will not dig his own grave quite so quickly.

  4. Does anyone know were they were driving to at the time ie possible address?

    1. There is no N. Linden listed in the last five years of the phone directory.

    2. a mr brockens house i hears


    The Y-DNA test results for Lineage I match the Y-DNA of the McLindens/McAlindens of Armagh and south Down in Northern Ireland.
    The McAlindens/McLindens of Ulster are known historically by their Irish Gaelic clan name as the "Mac Giolla Fhiondain," which means "The Descendants of the Devotee of Saint Fintan. The Mac Giolla Fhiondain are listed as one of the Oriel Septs of Ireland.

    1. Interesting read on the Oriel Septs, thanks anon.

  6. Let us not forget Mr Evans, that Mr Niall Linden was fully entitled to representation in court using his own lawyers costing between three to five hundred pounds an hour.

    If this is not bent, then why did the court issue an order that his substantial costs be paid by the prosecution meaning the public purse.

    God Jerseys judiciary and Government ( not all politicians ) stink to high heaven.

    1. I am sure Aunt Sarah could answer that question, she must be feeling the pinch after the last couple of years she has had to go against her better judgement and nature, simply in order to appease these corrupt scum running Jersey.

    2. If you ever feel the need to talk Sarah hun, you know where I am xxx

  7. Let us never forget that the New World Order is upon us, operating through utter shyte like the Bailhache Bro's and the Birt's of this world, the Priests of Baal who worship Satan and operate under the Laws of Oleron, or, Satin El if your educated enough to understand the difference.

    Your salvation, people of Jersey, is not to fear who they are, but to remember who you are!

    I have but three treasured memories in my life, the second was the birth of my first son, the third was the birth of my second son. My first was listening to, and understanding the full consequences of THIS SONG

    Enough Said?

  8. the gealic name is a very common name in barbados mabey you should look there

  9. Why did this take so long to go to Court, was that to give them time to "sort it out"?
    Ian, this whole thing stinks!

  10. Question: Was Advocate Sue Pearmain called to give evidence at the inquest? The reason I ask is because in Ian Christmas' appeal judgement, she is given a glowing reference in para 284

    "284. Advocate Pearmain qualified as a barrister in 1971. She has been in practice in the courts of the Bailiwick since 1975. In 2011 she was elected Bâtonnier of the Jersey Bar. She specialises in criminal and family law and has done so for many years in the litigation department of, first Bedell Cristin, and latterly Applebys. This Court has no doubt that she is conversant with her duties and responsibilities both to her clients and to any court in front of whom she is instructed to appear. We are satisfied that she could have had no motive for neglecting to do her duty both to her client and to the court..."

    If, as you say, she was one of the first on the scene, one would surely expect her to have been called to give evidence?

    1. Sue is an Establishment lacky, her reputation as being one of Jersey's top Advocates is based solely on her uncanny ability to do exactly as she is told!

    2. Mind you, she might just have a real credible rival in the form of Barbara Corbett from Hanson & Renouf located on the infamous "Street of forty thieves", Bab's will sell you down the river for a mere £700....And on legal aid when your potless!!!

    3. Of course, if either of you two shysters wish to engage in a defamatory law suit against myself, may I remind you that, as well you know, I have the goods against you both. :)

  11. In the words of the young ladies Step Father, "We'll never be told the whole storey", a young lady loses her precious life, and the powers that be over here are not interested in finding out the truth and telling the family allowing them to have closure, what a bunch of bastards. We must find out more.

    1. They know the truth, they just don't want it escaping into the domain of the real world....

    2. hi ian my stomach is sick . this poor family being left hung out to dry

      long runs the fox.