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Monday, 22 April 2013

"Health - Part 4" CANCER - The Gerson Institute - Maybe This Will Get More Than Rick Simpson's Compelling Story's Pissy 15 Viewers On My Last Posting???

"Dying To Have Known"

The Maximilian Gerson Story

The Gerson Institute


  1. you know what i think ian my friend and this is my honest opinion,that postings of this quality are wasted on people who just cant be arsed reading the posting or looking at the videos.aint it such a wonder that this island is in the state its in cause people are brain washed buy the bullshit that's been force fed through the local media and state run beano !

  2. I Couldn't agree more anon, but with due respect, each to his own hey, choice is the essence of freedom, and inevitably, life itself.

    We are only what we choose to be....

  3. As the Shaolin monks once prophesied;

    "I can only point the way, it is you that must walk the path yourself."

  4. I think anon is right, sometimes the path looks too steep and people give up before they make any progress.People would think nothing of spending an hour on facebook or watching dvds or playing on an xbox, but ask them to spend an hour watching a film that will make them question their life, their values and their morals and they can't do it.

  5. James H. MetaphorJune 05, 2013 8:41 pm

    If it reaches even a single person, the message isn't wasted. If that person tells two people and they tell two people, etc, eventually everyone in the world knows the truth. While this may be wasted on many people who won't be bothered to watch it or examine the evidence, the few who do will spread the word. I watched this video. I took just over an hour of my time and spent it on this video, and I will never regret it. I am so glad to have seen this, and I will do what I can to tell others about it.
    In the video, the critics say they need a reason for this therapy to work: by eating natural foods that help to boost your immune system, it becomes strong enough to fight off the disease. Another scientist has proven that cancer is caused by a fungus that science has known existed, in cancer, for decades, and this can be killed off by alkali, in the form of baking soda, however the foods used by the Gerson treatment (fruits and vegetable) help to produce alkali within your body and replaces other foods (like meat) which produce acid.
    They say that they need to be convinced that everything taught to them in the last fifty years is wrong, but Gerson and his students have been teaching and applying this for seventy-five years. If it didn't work, they could find dozens or hundreds of families saying they had lost someone using this treatment because it didn't help them, instead of the hundreds of survivors who say it did. They say they would need to speak to cured survivors, but they say there are no cured survivors and refuse to speak to them.
    They say they need to prove it using a double-blind study, ignoring any other scientific method that would work to prove the veracity of the method, but they make no attempts to use a double-blind test; they could get the Gerson institute to make juices, etc, add forbidden substances to some (like meat, sugar, fat or whatever), and swap some with coloured water (placebos), group them accordingly and let a third party (who doesn't know which is which) decide which patients get which (the same each time), for one or two months. Then see which ones are affected by their treatments. If I, as non-professional observer, can see this, then they must have considered it and made no attempt to do so.
    This treatment has been proven to cure so many diseases, it's no wonder the pharmaceutical industry is opposed to it, and the doctors they have paid to train would feel some obligation to defend them, but people's health should come first.
    If you are who you choose to be, and you are what you eat, then what you eat is who you choose to be, and it's common sense that that will affect your health. Make the choice, eat better, be a better person, live a better live, it's that easy.
    Thank you for this video.

    1. I would stress James H Metagoodthing....That this option on cancer treatment is only for those with time on their side, so to speak!!! Please be wary of that as Rick Simpson and Bob Beck deliver the chance for those on a very short timeframe....

    2. James H. MetaphorJune 05, 2013 9:17 pm

      I agree. The combination of various methods, such as Bob Beck and Rick Simpson and Max Gerson and others, would provide the best method. The treatments used by Bob Beck and Rick Simpson, as well as others are great for fixing problems in the short term, but combining them with Gerson's treatment/diet would lead to better health in the long term. People should use good diet to help prevent problems, then use real cures to fix problems if they arise.

    3. James, with the most profound respect mate, the Rick Simpson & Bob Beck treatments "ARE" the "C*RE"....As we cannot say "C*RE" without getting arrested and thrown in jail for trying to help our fellow man....Treatments start with Bob & Rick....Everything else is just GRAVY!!! Thes e two boys are on the mark :)

  6. James H. MetaphorJune 05, 2013 9:11 pm

    Interestingly I have recently been examining the BARF (bones and raw feeding) diet for dogs, cats and other domesticated carnivorous pets, which revolves around feeding them a much more natural diet of (surprisingly) raw bones and eaw meat. The alternative to this kind of feeding is "kibble", lumps of highly processed food containing various substances not naturally part of their diet such as rice and wheat and sugar beet, as well as things like sawdust and meat unfit for normal consumption. This "kibble" causes all sorts of health problems, including obesity, kidney and bladder problems, etc, but the people who make it sell special versions designed for animals with these problems that cost extra, but treat the problems caused by their own food (I know, you're probably thinking conflict of interests).
    However, when feeding these animals on the BARF diet, numerous problems just "go away", including skin complaints, obesity, and problems caused by these "kibble" foods. By feeding these animals natural, healthy diets, much like the Gerson diet in humans, they become far more healthy. The comparison between the two diets is remarkable, and seeing vets (who are in the same position, their education funded by pharmaceutical companies) trying to rubbish the diet and encouraging the use of drugs and special "kibble" diets that treat the symptoms, rather then addressing the cause of the problems, I find this very easy to believe. I also see them relying more and more on "preventative medicines", such as vaccination and flea and worm treatments, which just encourage resistance to the problems they are supposed to be fighting.
    The link between diet/nutrition and health seems obvious and is well-proven, but doctors still won't accept it. The only solution is to educate the people and let them force the doctors to use the right methods, and then let the results prove it to them. And one day this will happen. Let's just hope it happens as soon as possible.