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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

"The N.W.O. - Agenda 21 Finally Hits Jersey"

"Not Through My Fucking Door You Don't"

So....Agenda 21 is here, in sunny sleepy little Jersey.

Who would have thought it hey?
Well, me, Cyril, Phil, and a few other critical thinkers with the ability to reason.

"What Is Agenda 21?"

Your just going to have to watch the video to find out fully as I'm not going through it all again. But basically, Agenda 21 is where the government of your country gets you to sign their contracts (usually tacitly) written in Legalese which most of you haven't a hope of understanding, then they rob your house and land. Not only your house and land though, they also get to rob your rights (what's left of them) and freedom, then force you into government slavery.

What's this got to do with Jersey? Agenda 21 is a worldwide phenomenon being activated as we speak, although America has been suffering it for a few years now. People cheated out of their farmland and houses in a bid to grab all the farming land along a 48 degree latitude.

"He who controls food, controls the world" right?

Dr Rima Laibow used this very phrase in the video posting I did two days ago.

Below we have today's paper cutting on the States of Jersey's new plan to legally raid your home looking for what exactly? weapons, information, drugs, maybe even organic food.

"Organic food???"

Yes, organic food. Simply Youtube the amount of people in America who have been raided and imprisoned for growing organic food!!!

Well, jersey is now proposing it's version which the filthy rag printed today.


Speaking of the lawful right to work and rent! See link below
Click on the pics to read them.

The AGENDA 21 video can be seen at the link directly below

There are many links at the foot of the posting linked below

Other useful links are in the labels below.


"CANCER - The 100 Year Scam"

"Are You Paying For Nothing?"

Before we start the posting I feel it necessary to praise these wonderful people who give much time and effort for what they are conned into thinking is, the fight against cancer.

Theirs, and many others noble efforts are amassing millions upon millions for the cancer charities and their research laboratories,  but are their labs even searching for a cure for cancer?

You people who actually raise the funds, and of course, those who donate are special people, the essence of human spirit and kindness. But what if it was all a scam?

Rowers break records and raise £20,000 for Macmillan

The QPR team (from left): Stephen King, John Coates,
Brendan Kellett, Alan Osmand and Martyn Siodlak

FOUR records were broken and more than £20,000 was raised on Saturday when the annual indoor rowathon in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support (Jersey) returned to Les Ormes.

It was sponsored by RBS International for the fourth year and more than 40 teams took on the challenge to row 30,000 metres – the equivalent of rowing from Sark to Jersey.
As well as raising thousands of pounds to help the charity support Islanders and their families, it was also a record-breaking event, with four teams smashing previous fastest times.

"Those Capable Of Critical Thinking,
Check Out The Labels Below"

Sunday, 28 April 2013

"The New World Order - The Genocide Story Unveiled"

" Dr Rima Laibow Puts It All Together"

To those of you who are 'still' naive enough to think that there is nothing to worry about, Dr Laibow, who brought us the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS story, delves into the world of

In the video below, she has painstakingly and medically pieced it all together from it's inception decades ago. She goes through how our World leaders (psychotic pigs) have planned to wipe us off the face of the Earth, when it all started, how they have been doing it, and by what methods.

If you 'still' don't get it after watching this video, there is absolutely no hope for you....

Friday, 26 April 2013

"Health - Part 6" Hungarian Salt

"Clearing Up Asthma

With Hungarian Salt"

A Testimony Written By A Friend

For the last 5 or so years I have been suffering from asthma. I was prescribed  steroids (Fostair™) to open up my airways first thing in the morning, and then as needed throughout  the day. I was also prescribed ventolin™ to use when I was short of breath. I did not like the thought  of using steroids for the rest of my life so I looked for an alternative therapy.

Ian was kind enough to send me an amazing video which uncovered some alternative therapies, and low and behold the first one on the list was the Salitair salt pipe, good for asthma and allergy sufferers, so I ordered one straight away. Five days later it arrived so a quick read of the instructions, and off I went. Twenty minutes normal breathing  on the salt pipe for the first 3 days bought some quite amazing results. First off I was coughing up loads of "gunk" the stuff that must of been lurking in my lungs!! which inhalers do not shift in any way means of form. Also my breathing was a lot better, and I was not wheezing either!

So for a further 5 days I used the salt pipe for twenty minutes a day, and my lungs shifted yet more "gunk" and for the first time in five years I could breathe my self without the use of steroids!! I could not believe this, a little salt pipe that I had only been using for eight days had bought on a massive change to my asthma. After 8 days I just started to use the salt pipe for just 15 minutes a day first thing in the mornings and I do not have to use my steroids at all now, and the use of my ventolin has also dropped. After just 4 weeks of use its changed my life, and I'm hoping that I won't be held  hostage to my doctor's prescription pad any longer than I have to.

Now here is the science bit. When you breathe in through the salt pipe, the air picks up minute particles of salt, and this is then taken down into  your windpipe and into your lungs, then as you breathe out through your nose the rest of the minute salt crystals are expelled back into the air, and as such you do not take in excessive salt into your body. The salt acts as a powerful natural cleansing aid, so ridding your lungs of any "gunk" or junk. Dr Chris, the doctor on the this morning programme on ITV has also endorsed this product.

The Salitair salt pipe can be bought from here
This is just my personal experience with the salt pipe, and on the whole I would say that anyone looking for natures way of relieving respiratory disorders to give the salt pipe a try, what have you got to lose? Except making your doctor even richer than they already are.

"Sincere Thanks To Mark Ceylon For The Video"

"More Illegal Acts Proposed From Our Government Lunatics"

Crackdown call on the street drinkers
Crazy Woman Deputy Jackie Hilton

PEOPLE who drink and take drugs on the streets of St Helier should have their benefits cut if they refuse to seek help for their addiction, says a St Helier Deputy.
Deputy Jackie Hilton has called for an immediate crackdown on street drinkers and believes that the States should get tough by threatening to remove aid.
She highlighted the area of the General Hospital as a particular area for concern and said that the States had been too soft for too long with alcoholics congregating near Parade Gardens.
The director of the States Alcohol and Drug Service, Michael Gafoor, said that alcoholics could be helped only if they voluntarily sought assistance.
The director of the States Alcohol and Drug Service, Michael Gafoor

"Our Rights"

"Voting Is A Right - Not An Obligation"

"Crooks To Push Ahead With Rigged Referendum Results"

Committee to push ahead with Jersey referendum reforms

Just 26% of islanders registered voted in the referendum on Wednesday

Jersey's privileges and procedures committee (PPC) will push ahead with government reforms despite some dissent among its members.
On Wednesday islanders voted to reform Jersey's government in a referendum.
Islanders chose option B, to cut politicians in the States from 51 to 42 by removing the senators.
Constable Simon Crowcroft, chairman of the group responsible for the make-up of the States, said PPC members needed to set their views aside.
He said: "We are not to tinker with the referendum or the results.
"If some States members have concerns about the validity of the process, the commission, the results, or the use of the second vote... those will all come out it due course.

"PPCs job is to allow the process to move forward. It is a tight timescale to get the changes made into the law before the election in 2014."
Option B won in a second round of counting, with option C rejected after none of the options gained more than 50% of the votes in the first count.
Voters were asked to indicate their first choice and second choice on the ballot paper.
Islanders could choose from one of three choices, option A would have seen 42 deputies elected from six large voting districts and option C would have maintained the status quo of eight senators elected island wide, 29 deputies and 12 parish constables.
The referendum is non-binding but if the States approve the agreed choice, Jersey will be split into six equal sized districts, instead of the current 12 parish system.
In total, 26% of the 63,945 on Jersey's electoral role voted in the referendum, with 8,190 islanders voting for option B and 6,707 for option A.
The Jersey branch of the Institute of Directors (IoD) is urging the States to "swiftly implement the electorate's preferred option".
Jason Laity, its chairman, said: "While our members may have had differing views on the options put forward, I am pleased the referendum has now been completed and a preferred option has emerged.
"It is now important that the States adopts the preferred proposal as quickly as possible."
Constable Crowcroft said he hoped draft legislation would be ready in the summer.

'Feel betrayed'
Daniel Wimberley said he felt betrayed the electoral
commission was not independent and fair
The man who persuaded Jersey's States to set up an electoral commission said he was upset islanders had chosen the "least fair" referendum option.

In 2011 the then St Mary deputy, Daniel Wimberley, called for an independent electoral commission to examine government reform.
However last year, the States agreed to create the commission but with three politicians and three independent members.
He said: "As proposer of all this I feel betrayed it was not independent.
"It went wrong when the commission was hijacked... the States voted by a big majority for it to be independent and what happened was three politicians appeared on it and surprise surprise they all come out in favour of option B. How biased is that?"
Mr Wimberley added: "26% turnout for a solution that is totally undemocratic, I think the States should think very, very carefully about this.
"I personally would say go back to the drawing board, but I don't think that is likely to happen."

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

"Police Thwart 3 Murder Plots - So Where Are The Prosecutions?"

Police thwart plots to kill

Chief Officer Mike Bowron

THREE potential murder plots have been disrupted by the States police during the past three years.
Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information code have revealed that the police have issued ‘threats to life warnings’ to three Islanders since 2010 after receiving credible intelligence that they were in danger of being killed.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

"Health - Part 5"

"The Bob Beck Protocol"

This is the full version of the Bob Beck Protocol lecture - almost 2h long but full of so much good stuff. This video just had to be immortalised after Bob's death so people all over the world can help themselves to inexpensive and highly effective treatments rather than put our trust in the corrupt and useless health industry. 

What if someone could come up with a simple system costing pennies to eliminate all pathogens including the HIV virus - do you think the world would jump at it - wrong! That means a cure for all diseases including cancer and leukaemia. Well that's exactly what Dr Steven Kaali invented - a simple blood electrification system that kills all known pathogens and got a patent in just six months. This was such a threat to the Big Pharma that they went to all sorts of trouble in order stop this incredible invention leaking out to the public. This really incensed Dr Robert (Bob) Beck who decided to do something about this corruption and came up with the his own Bob Beck protocol which does not need the removal of blood from the body like Dr Kaali's invention and published the schematics to his machines on the interent (which went viral) before he died a few years later. I wish Dr Rife had done the same thing instead of trying to patent a technology that was un-patentable but enormous benefit to mankind - greed always gets the better of us don't you think?

Bob talking about the four major pieces of equipment is below
Link to Bob's machine

Info on using the Protocol, and a list of do's and don'ts.

The Beck Protocol

Thursday, 18 April 2013

"Dita Paverniece Cover Up - Have Jersey Got Away With It?"

"Digging In The Dirt"

Artis Zandmanis, Dita Pavarniece's Step-Father

Click on the pics to read them. 

"Facts Or Fictions?"

Why will Linden not tell Mr Zandmanis and Dita's family exactly what happened? You would think it would be the very least he could do to ease their pain and grief, but no, the gutless wanker is keeping well quiet, I wonder why?

Why, according to the States of Jersey Police, was it impossible to ascertain the speed the vehicle was traveling at?

Why was it not possible for the parties concerned to even agree in which direction the vehicle was traveling? It's pretty bloody fundamental stuff isn't it?

What evidence did the three cops offer to reject the assertion of Vivian Snell in regard to the direction the vehicle was traveling in?

Why is outside investigative evidence always rejected in Jersey?

Why would someone tell me that Linden exited the vehicle with his penis hanging out?

Why would that person not inform the police and the inquest of this evidence?

Why did someone inform me to my face that a forensic examination had taken place with regard to the allegation of oral sex taking place at the time of the crash?

Why have no doctors or nurses come forward to substantiate this assertion?

I understand that Advocate Sue Pearmaine was one of the first on the scene, what exactly was her evidence?

Why would an honorary cop, sat in a pub in St Martin, tell a friend that it was Frank Walkers son who was involved in the crash?

Was Linden a stepson of Frank Walker?

Who exactly is, Anne Therese McKeown?

Who is Colm MacGiolla Fhiondain?

Why have I been told by telephone that the car was registered to Frank Walker?

Oddly enough, I went down to the motor traffic office today. I spoke to a young lady about how to find out the name of the registered owner of a vehicle that had been involved in a crash. She gave me a form to fill in and explained that there was a charge of (I think) £8.25, I would then be given the details that I had requested.

After informing the young lady that I was after the name of the registered owner of the Lotus that had crashed on St Clement coast road, I was then told that the information I was looking for was discretionary and subject to data protection issues.

I said to her that I believed it was registered to Frank Walker, she went ashen faced.

Just then, one of her work colleagues came over and said that there was NO WAY that I would be given that information, I was then advised not to pay the £8.25 as it would be a waste of money!

"Christmas Is Not So Appealing These Days"

Christmas appeal lost

Disgraced judge Ian Christmas has lost his appeal against his conviction and sentence for the part he played in a multi million pound property con.
Passing judgement, Jersey's Court of Appeal said if anything Ian Christmas's sentence of 15 months was 'on the lenient side'.
And that James Cameron's sentence of four and a half years, which he claimed was unduly harsh, was 'not too long by so much as a single day'.
His co-defendants, ex financial advisers Russell Foot, John Lewis and James Cameron, also lost their appeals.

"Lord McNally Ensuring Good Governance In Sark - But Not In Jersey?"

Westminster warns Sark to make reforms

Lord McNally - Abandoned the people of Jersey

Please see link below

Sark has been warned to make government reforms sooner rather than later by Lord McNally, the UK minister responsible for the Channel Islands.

Lord McNally told islanders that he has no interest or agenda other than ensuring good governance in Sark. He said the island should make policy based on evidence; which is compliant with international requirements and has involved consultation with the people of Sark.

In a speech to members of Chief Pleas and other islanders he said: "The work of Colin Kniveton and Belinda Crowe has given you options for how to take forward a reform agenda; but it is for you to take them forward.

"I do not have a view on how many committees you have, provided the structure works and you make decisions effectively and in a timely manner. I do not have a view on how many civil servants you have provided you are able to administer yourself effectively.

"I do not have a view on which area you prioritise first from the Vision document, provided you do it a structured way and make policy based on evidence; which is compliant with international requirements and has involved consultation with the people of Sark.

"I have no interest or agenda other than ensuring good governance in Sark.

"I am aware that progress will not be easy. There is a lot to do and I know that there are pressures on you to fire-fight and deal with the daily issues at the same time. However, you are not alone, you have already benefited from the advice and experience of the other Crown Dependencies.

"There is a real opportunity to underpin Sark's special qualities in a way which protects and sustains what makes Sark so special.

"But the decisions are yours - not mine. I hope what I said today helps you in those deliberations.

"I want to leave you with a quote from the Sark Scribe which highlights some of the issues facing Sark. 'Of course there are things that do need fixing and it is hoped that Conseillers will now start to look seriously and constructively at supporting our faltering economy, encouraging the creation of jobs, consulting with residents before they draft new legislation, creating a strategic plan for Sark, costing the much-needed Boarder Agency presence, moving forward on land reform, reducing health care costs and a myriad of other things that are serving to keep Sark as the poor relation of the Channel Islands.'

"I wish you well."

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"Only £750's Worth Of Justice For Poor Dita Paverniece"

Head injuries caused Latvian woman's death

Dita Paverniece - Victim of Jersey

An inquest has today ruled that 27-year-old Dita Pavarniece died as a result of head injuries sustained in a car crash on St Clement’s Coast Road.

Niall Linden, the driver of the car was acquitted of death by dangerous driving due to a lack of evidence back in August last year.

The Irishman was driving on St Clement's Coast Road in February last year, when his Lotus Elise skidded out of control.

Linden, 36, was fined £750 for careless driving and given a 12 month ban. The passenger Ms Pavarniece suffered a fatal head injury.

As well as paying the fine, Mr Linden will have to retake his test at the end of his year's driving ban.

Killer - Niall Linden

30 mph - My Arse

"The People Are Going To Get Stiffed!"

Jersey reform referendum: No minimum turnout

Jersey politicians have decided not to set a minimum turnout threshold for next week's reform referendum result.
Deputy Jeremy Macon wanted 40% of islanders to vote before the results were used, but 31 States members to 13 voted against it.
St John Constable Phil Rondel wanted a 51% turnout but 36 to seven voted against it.
Islanders are being asked to vote in a referendum on reforming the structure of Jersey's government on 24 April.
During the debate, Jersey's Economic Development Minister said the government should be concentrating on getting the economy back on track rather than holding a referendum and discussing reform.

'Getting excited'
Senator Alan Maclean said he thought there would be a low turnout at the referendum as it had failed to capture the imagination of the public.
However Deputy Montfort Tadier warned against being negative about the process.
He said: "There are new people out there who are getting excited about the referendum and they can see there are simple ways to affect change.
"Lets not talk this referendum down before we even know what the results are, and lets get out there and encourage people to vote."
The referendum choices include two options for change and one to maintain the status quo.
Option A will see 42 deputies elected from six large voting districts.
Option B will have 30 deputies elected from six districts and 12 parish constables.
Option C will maintain the status quo of eight senators elected island wide, 29 deputies in a range of constituency sizes and 12 parish constables.

"Jersey Deanery Synod Demand That Big Brush Be Recalled To Duty"

"Now Lift That Carpet Boys!"


Synod: Anglican Church facing great challenge

THE Anglican Church in Jersey is in ‘troubled waters’ as it faces one of the greatest challenges in its history, a meeting of church leaders heard last night.
Although the clergy denied claims of a ‘crisis brewing’ following the effective suspension of the Dean by the Bishop of Winchester last month, the emergency meeting of the Jersey Deanery Synod shared many concerns about his treatment, the legality of the Bishop’s actions and the implications for the Island’s relationship with the Bishop and his diocese.
It was the first time the highest body of the Church of England in the Island had gathered since the Dean, the Very Bob Key, had his commission withdrawn by the Bishop of Winchester in response to a report into his handling of a complaint of inappropriate behaviour against a church warden by a vulnerable young adult made five years ago.


‘Urgent Action’ needed over Dean suspension

Jersey's Anglican church leaders have united to express their concern about how long the island's Dean has been suspended.

The Very Reverend Bob Key is under investigation by the Bishop of Winchester over the way he dealt with a complaint of abuse involving a woman and a church warden.

Last night, the Clergy Chapter in the island adopted the following motion:

"This Deanery Synod expresses its deep concern that the Commission of the Very Reverend Robert Key, Dean of Jersey, should have been withdrawn, and requests the Bishop urgently to proceed with an investigation by an independent judicial figure to establish whether or not any disciplinary process under the 2012 Canons and Ecclesiastical For the Isle of Jersey is required, which investigation Synod would support."

It's more than a month since Bob Key was suspended from his position as Dean by the Bishop.

An investigation will look into safeguarding procedures in the island.

"Satan Recalls Another One"

"Thatcher Goes Home"

"Sadly It's Finally Here - Sell Your Rights For Cash - A New World Order Production"

"Chunkymark Updates Us From England
On N.H.S & N.W.O"


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

"New World Order - And Jersey's Pigs - Already Know About Free Energy!"

Cloudy future for island's

renewable energy

Channel Island governments are looking into plans to exploit the Bailiwick’s natural resources to meet future energy needs.

But Jersey Deputy, Gerard Baudains is against the plans.

The St Clement deputy is calling for an outright ban on any plans for offshore wind farms. 

In his proposition, he says he is alarmed by Met Office wind measuring masts on the island's offshore reefs and he is worried this might lead to the installation of wind turbines on 
Les Ecréhous or Les Minquiers.

Deputy Baudains has given many reasons to his opposition.

"The wind-farm at Carteret is enough of an eyesore; and that’s 15 miles away. And that’s not to mention the noise such turbines make, the danger to wildlife and the fact that, despite costing a fortune, they are little more than useless, so it could be argued they exist solely as a sop to the green lobby."

Jersey's Planning and Environment Minister Rob Duhamel says it's highly unlikely that wind farms would be built on designated RAMSA sites, as commercial development is discouraged there. 

Although he says exploring future use of renewable energy is very important. "Any energies that can be usefully exploited in our waters or above them are useful to the economy and I think we're duty bound to actually consider whether or not we could harness those powers, which would be to our economic and environmental benefit."