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Sunday, 24 March 2013

"You Just Couldn't Make This Shit Up!!!"

It's A Great Place To Live!

JERSEY residents feel safer than most, earn more money and have a higher number of friends they can rely on, according to a report based on a global study.
The Better Life Index, which measures a society’s well-being, also said a very high proportion of Jersey residents are in good or better health than most and have a larger average amount of living space.
However, it revealed that a significant chunk of residents find it difficult paying for housing, the Island has a poor air quality and Jersey’s voter turnout is among the lowest.

"Yup - It's A Great Place To Live"

& Satan,
Bent Cops,
Bent Banks,
Bent Judges,
Bent Lawyers,
Bent Judiciary,
Bent Politicians,
Bent Law Society,
Bent Law Officers,
Bent Civil Servants,
Bent Honorary Cops,
Bent Viscount's Dept,
Bent Church Hierarchy,
Bent Planning Department,
Bent Police Complaints Authority,
And A Whole Host Of Sexual Deviants,

And if that lot wasn't enough to be getting on with....

Below we have the Jersey Bailiff, Sir Michael Birt,

Ex Lieutenant Governor, Sir Andrew Ridgeway & wife,

keeping good company with recently convicted paedophile,

Ralph Mauger!!!


Oh How The Other Half Live!!!


  1. I feel like getting my trunks on and wading into the poop : )

  2. Ian.

    Where did you get that photo from?


    Can you also find one of him being nominated to carry the Olympic touch for Jersey?

    1. It came from HERE anon. I think there is a photo of Mauger on the Cover-up TV website somewhere with the olympic flame issue?

    2. Looks like the State Media have taken them all down :)

    3. Blogger's are not the never-ending source of great information as this posting proves by the pictures above, we are so reliant on those smart brave people who make up the populace of Jersey, and who are not too afraid to speak out, or share a good link with us....We rely on you brave anonymous souls just as much as you rely on us to get the story out, without you guys, we are nothing, remember that :)

  3. it is great if your a peado