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Friday, 8 March 2013

"What Led To The Inquiry? A Few Brave Men And Women Who Defied Government"

The Pursuit Of Justice For Victims Of Abuse

The tale told in the Jersey Evening Post below is about as far away from the truth as one could possibly get. BBC Jersey, Channel Television and the Jersey Evening Post have been the main players in the systematic cover up of decades of child abuse in Jersey, this is evidenced fact.

As I posted yesterday, the C.O.I has come about because a very small minority refused to let the issue die, fighting against 'The Jersey Way' to prevent this disgusting chapter in Jersey history from seeing the darkness under that infamously huge carpet.

Most of what you will read below is garbage peddled by our totally corrupted State Media, a State Media who now know they are going to have to pay for concealing decades of child abuse, child rape, and child murder. The flood gates will open and drown them.

"Do not the Ancients say...that without traitors,
the loyal do not stand out."

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  1. CITV is undergoing a massive shakeup at the moment, lots of people are being replaced since the UK office has got whiff of what has been going on over here.

  2. Hi Ian.

    Did I here right that the Dean has been Sacked for not reporting Child Abuse? What ever next! there's a strange wind blowing me thinks.


  3. Lots of shaking going on.

  4. Hi Ian.

    Put up the Audio of the whole COI Debate, so its there for anyone to listen too in the years to come. You & your reader's can listen to it HERE

    I can't get over the Dean of Jersey is as bad as a Abuser of Children & he Spock in this Debate. Un Bloody Believable.