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Monday, 11 March 2013

"Two Inches Of Snow Cripples Jersey!"

SNOW UPDATE: Island comes to standstill

Or was it 2 feet of snow?

Jersey's airport is shut until 5.45am tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

Fast ferry sailings have been cancelled.

The freezing weather has closed all Jersey schools.

There have been many accidents on the island's roads, with some traffic at a standstill. A lorry overturned on Beaumont Hill in Jersey.

TTS say that if you've been given a ticket in a car park today contact them & you will only be charged the equivalent of your normal parking.

All non urgent outpatients appointments have been cancelled in the General Hospital.

The severe weather is continuing to disrupt islanders. Up to 200 homes are without electricity and likely to be without power overnight. 

Jersey Electricity say conditions are the worst since the Great Storm of 1987. 

The worst affected parishes are St Lawrence and St Peter, though some disruption has also occurred in Trinity and St Martin.

Engineers are working to repair all the downed cables.

Exercise referral classes at Fort Regent, Les Quennevais Sports Centre and Springfield Stadium.

Band of Island of Jersey concert cancelled this evening.

Income Tax Office is closed.

St Peter's ladies football training cancelled.

Jersey Day Hospice & St Ouen's Hospice Shop closed.

Jersey War Tunnels shut.

St Peter’s Parish Hall shut.
Here's the future forecast:

Up to 10cm of snow and strong winds and significant drifting is expected throughout the day.

Strong winds will cause blizzard conditions, as they reach Gale Force 8 from the north east across Jersey and Guernsey, Severe Gale 9 for Alderney, and they will be gusty.

Jersey Met issued a red warning at the weekend for snow which hasn't been issued since 1979.

These warnings are only issued when several inches of snow is expected, and when it is thought that it could cause major disruption to daily life.


  1. Absolutely brilliant, never laughed so much in a while!!!

  2. Oh that is SO funny, really cheered me up buddy, thanks Ian, won't be meeting outside Iceland today, but it was lovely to see you again.

    C L P

  3. OMG,OMG When is the world going to end ? 10 cm of snow, OMG.
    It was -6 C° with freezing snow last night, my car was covered with 5 cm of ice, Took me 10 min, to free the car, sweep the snow from the driveway, put some salt and grit down and left for work 15 min. earlier nothing to write home about, very mild winter this year -18 to -20 is normal, two years ago we had two feet of snow in town, managed to be 5 min. late that day. Just a normal day here in Germany, Winter tires could be your best bet.

  4. You most certainly get bad winters in sunny Jersey, the whole Island stops, Was it 1963 when we had the rally bad winter ? I walked from St. Clement to school at Wellington road as it was too slippery to ride my bike, Nothing odd about that, there again we were used to it. now a days everyone must go by car..If you walked to work, at least you have your i pod to keep you comfy, all I had was a fisherman's Friend to keep me happy.

  5. Fisherman's Friend? Ya lucky bugger, those were a weekend luxury but the old days were simple :)