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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

"Two Inches Of Snow Cripples Jersey!" Part 2

SNOW UPDATE: Island is closed

As snow showers sweep across the Bailiwicks, islanders are bracing themselves for another day of dealing with the treacherous weather.

All Guernsey and Jersey schools shut and they will stay closed tomorrow (Wed).

Buses across the islands came to a standstill and both airports closed.

Jersey Airport say they will re-open at 2pm tomorrow.

For passengers stranded on board a ferry because of rough seas, it's been a day of misery.

And for drivers, they experienced impassable conditions with snow drifts of more than ten feet in places.

"Divine Intervention"

Whilst a few inches of snow has caused so much havoc in Jersey, one individual has surely benefited from the might of God's wrath.


Why, none other than the Dean of Jersey himself, as the State Media turn away from the real headlines to completely blanket Jersey's three official media outlets with posting after posting of nothing but bloody snow pictures!

There again, what else could be expected from our corrupted and complicit State Media?

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