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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

"The Pitman Dossier On Jersey Corruption Is Growing By The Day!"

"The Victims Of Jersey Corruption Are Getting Motivated"

The flood gates are beginning to open me thinks, more and more people are coming forward as never before, no longer paralyzed by impotence of will, or fear.

The Jersey Police Force under Mike Bowron is now probably worse than it has ever been, that includes the Warcup (wierdcop) years, and even the (blind eye) Bob Le Breton years. The brutality of the police is increasing at a rapid rate and the half decent cops just stand by, to afraid to intervene or complain against oaf's like P.C 240 Sykes, P.C Le Bas, P.C McIntosh, P.C Lang, & P.C Du Feu, to name but a few.

Of course, I could reel off another 20 names at the drop of a hat, but they will get their day in the spotlight I promise you, we have their names and their case files.

We will soon be starting a proper website for victims of Jersey Corruption, anyone who has suffered "The Jersey Way" will be able to post their cases up if they wish, or contact us anonymously to see if we can help them in any way, but not...."The Jersey Way".

Please enjoy the letter below from Harry Cole :)


  1. Well said, Mr Harry Cole. An avalanche is about to break.

    1. I look forward to reviewing the new website.

  2. Ian.

    It is pleasing to know you will be taking this to a new level, I too look forward to the new website.

  3. The "Not For Publication" comment, this website will be run utterly professionally with ALL considerations taken before anything is published. I will still be carrying on with this blog so I can have the odd rant from time to time, hell, it keeps me sane :)

  4. Every army historically, has sent out scouts. Your blog started like off the wall and very nasty, and sorry to say this, but you say you like the truth, it was pretty rough with bad language. As far as scouts go this blog has gone where no other blog has gone before in Jersey.

    Like a teenager with bad acne and worse a bad attitude, the attitude is still there but now far more intelligently dished out, very readable, the graphics are great, it has matured into an informative no holds barred site that has got far better, even though I may not agree with all the views expressed.

    I bet Jon is beside himself with jealousy at your successes after his failure with the haut shit site with its deranged author and his sick efforts to slow the good guys down.

    Well, done Ian, keep up the good work, best wishes to Cyril,


    1. "The sea is Lord over a thousand streams, only because it stays below them."

    2. Ah.....
      Ian Evans.....
      a diamond in the rough..........
      mellowing nicely (well almost)

      Some may even find Ian attractive !!!! (OMG)

      Just hope for your sake it isn't "Mr. J Worthless" or "Nurse Mydildo" with his little hypodermic


  5. The truth is fine by me BB, the truth is the truth wherever it is spoken, and I make no apologies for the way I have conducted myself over the last two years, I have simply been me.

    At the start I was F*cking angry, 24 years of needless persecutions would drive Mother Teresa to suicide bombing, I have never raised a hand to any of this corrupt shower of shyte, and against my better judgement I might add.

    Since I met The Squirrel I have chilled so much, he taught me a new and better way to deal with these freaks, use the weapon they use against us against them. "WORDS". My law studies have taught me that they are stuck in the cage they created, we are free to leave that cage any time we choose. It is the creation of the law society, and their rules only apply to them, we do not need to consent, and are therefore free to go about our lawful business without having to worry about their shyte. Ta for the support and the honesty :)

    "To seek freedom, a man must struggle. To win it, he must choose wisely where and when he struggles...or it is like spitting in the wind."

  6. Our profound best wishes from Oz ian, we are following Jerseys every move.

  7. Thanks anon, and get involved in the anti-Agenda 21 movement that is going down in Sydney at the minute, that will save you all from the N.W.O efforts to dominate the Aussies. Peace and victory against the pigs that profess to rule you :)

    I'm off to bed xxx

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  9. Don't think I know anyone called Chaz, give me a clue please.

  10. A lot better than yours will be in the near future!

  11. I must tip my hat to Deputy Pitman, his persistence and determination is commendable, if there is any justice in this World it must pay dividends for him and the rest of us will benefit. The feudal system that operates here, the widespread corruption and evil regime is beginning to crumble.
    The sooner the better!!

  12. Can somone please tell me the first name of a corrupt jersey busy pc o'neil thanks